Germanicus Cultus Comes Under Fire

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In retaliation against the attacks against Nordman, their allies come to their aid and lash out against the perpetrators. The full power of the Honor Before Glory Federation is unleashed.

The Wrath of Honor Before Glory

The rumors of war are once again afoot. Great lords and ladies are stirring and the itch of battle can be felt across many parts of the land. Recent attacks have occurred and are leading to an arms race of epic proportions.

Alliances are coming to their allies’ aid and it is only a matter of time before action is taken. One such league that is involved directly in this turmoil is the well known coalition, the Kracken.

Putting out a series of mysterious messages, they prepared their members for war, the target was yet unknown, but a target was indeed in the sights of this fierce collection of warriors.

Kracken Prepare for War

Kracken Prepare for War 2

Knowing that their allies just recently came under siege, many in the ranks assumed that their leadership was preparing them to go to war against those who offended them. This assumption would prove correct.

Once the word was given, the leadership of the Kracken took control of various sections of their troops armies. Launching a series of attacks alongside their allies. They attacked the Germanicus Cultus, who recently had attacked the Krackens close allies, the Nordman.

These attacks, which wreaked havoc along the ranks of the Cultus succeeded in their intended goal and sent a very clear message to those who would attack them or their allies. 

After the attacks had done their damage and the dust was beginning to settle. Lady Trish, the Hegemon of the Kracken sent out a message to her ranks, informing them of the recent battles and clearing away any confusion that might still exist as to why this battle needed to take place.

Why Kracken Attacked

Having secured the pride of their alliance, The Honor Before Glory Federation now prepared for the inevitable lash-back that would come from these attacks. 

They knew that the Germanicus Cultus, a proud coalition in and of themselves would be burned and scorned over this retaliation against them.

In addition to this, the Cultus were not without allies of their own and it was only a matter of time before they came to their aid. This truly had the makings of an all out war of alliances.

Kracken Prepare retaliation

The question now remains. Will these series of fevered pitched battles be the end of this conflict or will the allies of the Cultus demand revenge of their own? 

We will just have to wait and see, and tune in next week, for another edition of the Spartan Chronicles, until then, be safe citizens and keep your blades sharp.

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