The Kracken Are Put to the Test

The Kracken, a noble coalition with a long and proud history, is under attack. History shows that they will weather the storm, but little can be said for those committing the attacks. Perhaps this time will be different?

Three Coalitions Band Against One

The Kracken, a proud and noble coalition that has been around for as long as anyone can remember. This noble team of players has enjoyed being one of the top ranking coalitions for the length of our history, and still they are a formidable force.

Because of this long history they have made many friends and allies, but many foes as well. In this case, it is the latter who have turned their attention on the Kracken and their stalwart warriors.

Coming under a vicious combined assault in the last Pantheon tournament, the Kracken’s defenses were put to the test and whether or not this team of veterans would be able to survive the day was unclear. 

As stated earlier, it was not just one coalition that turned their gaze on the Kracken, but rather a combination of forces. The Thracians, Agema Horsemen and the Storm Legion brought their forces together and marched out into the night, with the Kracken’s seats of power in their eyes.

Yet this was no easy foe they attempted to topple: perhaps they knew this, and that is why three coalitions decided they needed to band together in an attempt to defeat one foe.

Attacks began to rain down in all directions, The Kracken stood strong in the face of these fierce assaults and the rain of arrows.

Kracken Hold Stong Pan 328

Storm Legion Attack Kracken 233

Storm Legions Fails Kracken 328

The reports began to pile up, as did the dead who attempted to climb the walls of the Kracken and cast their flag into the dirt. Taking a moment to analyze the situation, one could see the sheer quantity of attacks falling down on the Kracken.

Storm Legion Reports Attack Kracken

In the end, despite the efforts of these three leagues and despite the long-lasting assault, the veterans of the Kracken were able to persevere and hold strong in their defenses. Now, it was their turn to retaliate and retaliate they did.

Calling on the names of the fallen, the Kracken sent out their forces, seeking revenge for their brothers and sisters. The attacks fell on those who led the attacks on their seats of power and those who wronged them.

Kraken Raid Staples for Pan Hit 382

Kraken Retaliate For Pan Hits

Kraken Retaliate Pan Hits

Kraken Retaliate Pan Hits 2

Knowing that they had lost the battle, but still wanting to have their message heard, the surviving attackers targeted the Krackens leadership with assassins and political attacks, taking the fight to her very gates.

Lady Trish Targeted SL Thracians

Storm Legion PA Lady Trish

Thracians Target Lady Trish

Although these caused serious damage to those loyal to Lady Trish, the real target, the lady herself, remained untouched. 

The battles raged on for many more days after the attacks on the Pantheons failed and even after the wave of assassins had done their damage, proving that both sides were unwilling to back down from the other.

The days wore on and as they did, so did the frequency of attacks. At this moment of writing, a calm has once again settled, but you can rest assured that neither sides resentments towards the other has dissolved. A renewed battle is just waiting for a spark to ignite it, more bloodshed is just around the curve.

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