A Wall of Ice Holds Strong

Long-time enemies the Lost Souls Chill and the Death Inc 7 have come to blows. A siege instigated by the Death Inc is commenced, will the Lost Souls Chill be able to hold strong?

A Chill Fills the Air

The alarm bells are ringing, the Lost Souls Chill is in full blown battle mode and are on the defensive. Their lands have come under direct assault by a powerful foe, backed by an even more powerful coalition's reputation: the Death Inc 7.

These two strong willed opponents are no newcomers to conflict and stand ready to shed blood, no matter what the cost.

The instigator in this case is none other than the Death Inc 7, they are the ones to draw first blood and they are the ones who pressed on, despite the heavy losses inflicted to their ranks.

The armies were formed and marched on long into the dark of night. The Lost Souls Chill at first had no idea what awaited them; their only warning came from the rallying cries of the opposition as they charged down the hills toward their sole seat of power, Pantheon 84.

Shocked only momentarily, they quickly raised the alarm. Seasoned troops quickly appeared on the ramparts, steel helmets and breastplates being buckled even as the arrows fell overhead.

The wave of assaults was vicious and unrelenting, but the defenders were much more numerous than even the Death Inc 7 could of imagined.

Death Inc Attacks LSC3

Death Inc Attacks LSC4

Death Inc Attacks LSC

Death Inc Attacks LSC 2

These attacks, which are just an incredibly small sample of what the Death Inc 7 threw at the gates of the Lost Soul Chill, were repelled easily, but still they chipped away at the ranks of the Chill warriors, wearing them down and slowly softening their forces.

Yet this was not all. On the horizon appeared another army, also unbeknownst the Lost Soul Chill warriors. The Asso Armee had assembled a force and began to attack in conjunction with the Death Inc 7. 

Asso Armee Attacks LSC

Asso Armee Attacks LSC 2

Although these combined attacks were something to behold, and a marvel in and of themselves, the defenders were the true stars of the show as they rallied behind their flag and fought long into the night.

As the sun began to rise, the defenders were able to sneak additional reinforcements into their stronghold and give those on the walls still standing a much needed rest. This change of ranks was simply too much for the attackers and with the element of surprise lost, it was only a matter of time before they were whittled down beneath the walls of the Chill Pantheon.

The first sign of victory for the defenders came as the horns began to blare and the attackers withdrew into the surrounding forests. The Lost Souls Chill had not only survived the night, but persevered in the face of all odds. Their leadership congratulated the ranks.

Lost Souls Chill Under Attack

Once able to let their guard down and assess the damage, it was only then that the true amount of attacks repelled could be seen. The amount of reports obtained overwhelmed the Herald and was a true sight to behold.

LSC Chill Under Assualt Reports

With the ending of this senseless bloodshed, it is yet to be seen whether or not the Lost Souls will muster their formidable forces and strike back in their own turn. If history is any indication of the future, then we know that this is far from over yet, and has only just begun.

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