A Quick Start and a Bloody Finish

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A pantheon massacre is announced by Leonidas and coalitions waste no time in taking action. The event unfolds and violence grips the realm, threatening to rip it asunder.

A Pantheon Massacre Washes Over the Realm

Another Pantheon Massacre is upon us! Coalitions all over the realm scramble to secure their borders and their coveted Pantheons, the source of much of their power and influence.

Leonidas was not so cruel this time and gave a few days notice, warning that the gruesome event would be unfolding, thus giving coalitions the vital time they needed to prepare as best as they possibly could.

Pantheon Mass Approaches

Pantheon Mass Approaches 2

Unfortunately, even though a warning was given, it was still short indeed and the race was on. Many coalitions began shoring up their defenses, securing the ramparts of their Pantheons, while others simply abandoned them entirely, choosing not to give their enemies a morale boost and victory.

Regardless of the course of action, the day arrived and it didn't take long at all for coalitions to act on this unique event, during which 90% of all troops will rise from the ashes and walk again.

Pan mass Quick Start

Pan mass Quick Start 2

Quickly a pattern began to form and as pantheons began to topple, a number of coalitions proved that they were thirsty for the violence that inevitably arises around this bloody and horrific event.

Pantheon Mass Starts

The VeniVidiVici, Terminators, Empire of Batiatus, Enyalos and House of Herecles were those who delved into the event with both fists, smashing their enemies and receiving unmerciful blows in kind.

Yet, as time went on, others coalitions would prove that they were equally willing to enter the fray and an overwhelming wave of red text filled the pages of the citizens of the realm, moving so fast that it could scarcely be kept up with.

Pantheon after pantheon fell in the onslaught as coalitions jumped in on the action, looking to score an easy victory for themselves and their fellow Bannerman.

Pan Mass Continues

Pan Mass Heats Up

As the event drew to a close and the bodies piled high in the fields of battle, Leonidas entered out onto the battlefield and called a halt to the bloodshed, warning that those who continued would not be so lucky as those who fell previously and would be vanquished forever.

The results were announced and the winners were declared.

Pan Mass Finished

Taking the first place position was the Nordmann coalition, follow by the Band of Killerz and the Terminators 300-AMK. Also displayed in the rankings were the House of Batiatus, Lost Souls Alpha and Crimson Tide, all who represented themselves well in the field of battle.

With this announcement made, the gods held true to their word and the dead rose from the ashes, bewildered and shocked but grateful to the capricious gods. Silently, they marched home, waiting for the next war, the next battle, wondering if any real victory was truly achieved.

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