Havoc at Pantheon 112

Havoc, looking to expand and increase their influence, takes Pantheon 112! This is not sitting well with the Brotherhood, who is on the march. A war has begun: will Havoc be strong enough to win the day?

The Brotherhood is on the March

The Brotherhood is on the march. This powerful coalition, made up of a collective of organizations, is mobilizing its forces. The main body and predominant coalition is calling on its brothers and sisters to muster their forces and to prepare for a bloody, epic battle.

Meanwhile, Havoc, a growing coalition that is looking to expand its member base and its influence in the realm, is preparing for battle as well. They have recently taken Pantheon 112, an act they know has ruffled some feathers. A battle is brewing and it is going to be a long, dark night for these brave warriors.

The leadership of various arms of the Brotherhood sent out a rally call to all their warriors, calling on them to strike out and attack Havoc's sole seat of power, Pantheon 112.
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Brotherhood Attacks Pan 112

This rallying cry went out, and almost immediately the attacks began. The various arms of the Brotherhood struck out, battering at the gates of Havoc and causing destruction across their lands.

Still, even after a day of attacks, Havoc and its brave warriors held onto their fortification, repairing the damage done as they could, and repelling wave after wave of assaults.

Havoc Still Holds 112

Knowing that they could and would ultimately wear their enemy down, the Brotherhood continued on with their assaults. But to speed things up, they got in touch with their allies and seasoned friends, the Lost Souls, who immediately put out a hit on Pantheon 112 as well.

In combination, these two powerful coalitions and their sub-coalitions rained a shower of arrows upon the defenders, blotting out the sky and killing at will.

This could only last so long, as the attackers’ forces were simply too numerous and too overwhelming against the isolated Pantheon. The defenders of Havoc fought to the last man and woman, but eventually succumbed to the onslaught.

Lost Souls BrotherHood Take Havoc

Lost Souls Attack Havoc

This short lived, but dramatic war was over.  The gates lay battered and ruined, the day was won for the Brotherhood and their allies. Sadly, for Havoc, the defeat was costly.

Moving into their new stronghold, the coalition Brotherhood planted their flag and quickly set to repairing the damage that was caused. Shoring up the walls and fixing the gates, the defenders poured in and made themselves comfortable in their newly taken Pantheon and enjoying the power and riches that come along with its ownership.

Brotherhood Pan 112

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