Hopes of Growth and Expansion

In a move that some would call foolish and others would call brave, the coalition Lyon makes a bold move in the hopes of growth, expansion and power. Will it pay off, or backfire horribly?

Lyon Make Their Move

Lyon, a brave, aspiring coalition, desires what many want in this realm. They wish to grow, prosper and succeed, triumphing over their enemies and expanding their influence.

This is exactly what the leadership of Lyon planned on doing. In a bold move, they took advantage of the recent turmoil that has been surrounding the Lost Souls and the Pantheons that they have lost.

A plan was formed and quickly they took action, swooping in on Pantheon 178 as it fell. Moving many of their soldiers closer to the desired target, this coalition quickly secured the walls and stationed some of their bravest warriors on its ramparts.

Knowing that quick action would be needed in order to stop the inevitable retaliation by the Lost Souls and their family of coalitions, they continued to add defenders and rapidly began pooling their resources together in order to upgrade the strength and level of their newly taken fortification.

With speed, they raised their newly taken stronghold to level 2, letting the whole realm know their intentions and plans to keep Pantheon 178, no matter the cost.

Becoming quite accustomed to these slights against their pride, the membership of the Lost Souls began to discuss their plans and made their intentions known: they would be retaking what was theirs, even if they still intended to shed many of their Pantheons.

Due to the abilities of Lyon, the initial heroes from the Lost Souls who attempted to retake pantheon 178 were thwarted, falling in battle. These first waves of attacks crashed against the walls, causing little damage.

Lyon continued to call on its members to send more swords, bows and all manner of defenders that they could afford to spare.

Unfortunately for them, at the same time, the valiant warriors of the Lost Souls and their large network of brother and sister coalitions were also taking action, organizing and planning co-ordinated hits, in hopes of retaking their fallen seat of power.

As night fell, the attacks began to rain down in a never ceasing wave of destruction. The defenders braced and repelled attack after attack, growing weary as the numbers appeared endless.

Lost Souls Attack Lyon

Lost Souls Attack Lyon 2

Lost Souls Attack Lyon 3

Association Attacks Lyon

Nolens Volens Attack Lyon

Sadly, as the attacks landed and kept on landing, the defenders grew tired, battered and weary. The final assault arrived and little was left to repel them. The defenders fought bravely, but could do no more, and were overrun.

Nolens Volens Besiege Lyon

The coalition Nolens Volens was awarded the final victory strike and were the ones who raised their flag high in the air for all to see, although they would not be the final defenders and guardians of pantheon 178.

The Lyons had aspired to grow, to lay claim to a new pantheon, one they could call their own. This ended in tragedy and defeat, despite the valiant effort they staged and the collective teamwork of their members. 

We at the Chronicle highly doubt that this will be the last we see of the coalition Lyon, they live to fight another day and one day soon may realize their dreams of growth. Until that day, we report and stand vigilant, gathering news from the far corners of the realm.

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