The Madness of Vlash

The Lost Souls continue to shed their beacons and fight for their survival. Making matters worse, Vlash, a member of a one man coalition has made it his mission to inflict as much damage as possible.

One Man Wrecking Crew

We join you once again from the stronghold of the Lost Souls, where the fighting continues long into the dark of the night. The battle for the Pantheons in their coveted lands has been continuous since we arrived at their camps, on the cusp of the front lines.

Word has spread quickly that many of their low level pantheons are lightly defended, a strategy that has always worked in the past, but scarcely can be seen as effective as of lately. The attacks as we mentioned have been constant, but so too has been the retribution that the brothers of Lost Souls dished out.

Coalitions have been picking away at their low level beacons and the Lost Souls have thus advanced their strategy to shed these beacons, choosing to grow their power base by creating new coalitions of the Lost Soul's family and handing these retaken pantheons to them.

This week, the story is much the same, except we highlight one coalition and its sole member. Vlash, of the coalition Kkthxbye went on a personal campaign to inflict as much damage as humanly possible again the Lost Souls. Numerous attacks were sent, and a great horde of troops was launched in all directions.

KKTHXBYE Vlash Targets LS Reports

The Lost Souls defenders rallied to the walls of their Pantheons and stopped most of these attacks, but as can be seen below, some of Vlash's attacks were successful, sneaking through the gates and casting down the banners of the Lost Souls, if only temporarily.

In response to this slight, the Lost Souls rapidly went into action, their leadership called their men to arms and attacks were launched back at Vlash, decimating his castle and seeing him fall under a constant rain of blows.

Lost Souls Battle Vlash

Lost Souls Puts Hit Out Vlash

Lost Souls Retakes Pan 61

As can be seen from the last image, the Lost Souls were successful in retaking their lands and their pantheons. The fight goes on for their survival and even now, as the Chronicle continues on with this story, attackers can be heard crashing against the gates. The fight goes on.