Managing your Elixirs

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by Américo Nunes Alves

You may feel the need to switch between offense / defense elixirs, as well as switching between elixirs oriented for the same purpose. While managing your preferences, take into consideration that:
·         All elixirs LVL 4 or lower: you can activate, extract and reuse with no need of additional tools;
·         All elixirs LVL 5 or higher: once activated, you can only safely remove and return to your cache with the help of a Caduceus that can be purchased at the market. Therefore, if you remove any elixir LVL 5 or higher without the help of a Caduceus, it will result in the immediate destruction of the elixir;

The Caduceus is a tool that allows you to safely remove your elixirs for later reuse. Each Caduceus can only be used once, and there are two types of caduceus:
·         Silver Caduceus that can safely remove Elixirs LVL 5 to 8
·         Golden Caduceus that can safely remove Elixirs LVL 5 to 12

 Game tip

Always have:
·         At least 1 LVL 4 elixir, and
·         Plenty of LVL 5 elixirs of each you can faster mix or switch them up as you want depending on your needs.
Guaranteeing these 2 conditions, above LVL 4, use your best elixir and discard it once you’ve got a new higher one.


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