The NWO Makes Its Presence Known

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The NWO, a powerful new alliance, has made its presence known. The SPQR has been its most recent victim and now they turn their gaze on the Death Inc. Monstrous battles erupt and the realm will never be the same.

Death Inc Comes Under Fire

A great power alliance is on the move. This collection of coalitions has struck fear into the hearts of many in the realm. It is a force to be reckoned with and is proudly flaunting its strength. The NWO alliance is here and this group of leagues is making their presence known.

Attacking and dropping SPQR off the map over the last month, this was one of the first major displays of strength that make the realm take notice, but would not be the last by any means.

In recent days, great battles have erupted between the NWO alliance and their new enemies, Death Inc. This alliance, which consists of a number of leagues, including HoB, Thersites, Nordmann, Mayhem and others wields an incredible amount of power. 

This unfortunate turn of events has seen a large scale assault on the Pantheons held by Death Inc, an event that could not be ignored, as the realm was alerted about the constant attacks taking place and the destruction that befell both sides.

Fighting Breaks Out over Pans

War Breaks Out Pans

Unable or unwilling to hold onto many of these positions that were constantly trading hands, many other leagues stepped in for the time being to hold onto these powerful Pantheons until the dust settled. One of these coalitions was the Kracken, who put the rally call out to their members.

Kracken Expand Take 277

Kracken Upgrade Pan 190

Kraken Take Pan 190

Kracken Upgrade 190

As can be seen from the messages above, and the resulting actions. It did not take long for this coalition to do their part and help secure the Pantheon they took amongst the unfolding chaos surrounding the war between the NWO and Death Inc.

The battles still rage on, and many are beginning to worry about this new power that has emerged, a power that easily cast aside SPQR, one of the most powerful coalitions in the realm's history.

In the public forums, many took to the streets and called for the fall of the NWO. Some believed that, though mighty, the fall of the NWO was only a matter of time:

Calls for NWO Falls

In response to messages such as the one above, members of the NWO defended their positions and came to the defense of their brethren, stating that they were in a strong position to weather any storm that came their way.

NWO Defends Position

Ultimately, no one knows the future, and no one knows how long this alliance will be able to last. For now, although it is quite clear that this force is here and destruction follows in its wake.

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