Chaos, War, Destruction

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It was meant to be a time of rest, alas, it was anything but. Chaos in the Pantheons erupts, war erupts and three leagues find themselves battling long into the night.

United Nations & The Kracken Attack

The holidays were no time for rest. They were not a time of peace as they should of been, they were not a time of joy, they were a time of war.

Greece found itself embroiled in a number of major battles over this time period. The focus of most attention, as it typically is, was on the much coveted seats of power known as the Pantheons.

The thirst for power of our great lords and commanders knows no bounds and this was never more apparent than in the battle for Pantheon #83 in which coalition after coalition took their turn besieging and throwing one another out its gates.

Chaos Pantheon 83

As can be seen from the image above, the reports indicating the rate of change for this Pantheon can be summed up in one word and one word alone, Chaos.

As Coalitions battled one another for supremacy over Pantheon #83, another coalition was the focus of attention. The coalition I speak of is none other than 300 Sparta, an aggressive and well known coalition among the ranks of Greece.

Their enemies? The coalitions known as the United Nations and The Kracken, the latter being one of the most powerful and top ranked organizations in the realm.

Not only were these two powerful forces focusing their attention on 300 Sparta, but the effort was that of a joint one. This could be seen from the massive amount of hits on 300 Sparta's one bastion of power, Pantheon #64 which suffered attack after attack from the two coalitions previously mentioned.

Kracken Attacks 300 Pantheon 2

Kracken Attacks 300

United Nations Attacks 300

Kracken Attacks 300 Pantheon

As can be seen from the small samples of images shown above, the fighting was not limited to only Pantheon #64, but also extended to the strongholds and keeps of the fighting ranks. Some of which suffered significant losses as they were plundered.

Not taking this lying down, 300 Sparta called for focused attacks on the United Nations and The Kracken for the wrongs that they had committed to them.

LadyVal Attack UN

Even as I write this, the fighting goes on, the death of dying can be heard just outside of our camp and continues long into the dark. The long overdue rest will have to wait. Lets hope we all survive to enjoy it.

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