Interview with the ΕΛ Hegemon

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Sotiris Mantas is the founder of the ΕΛ Coalition. His Coalition has accomplished a number of things, including being the very first Coalition in Sparta to reach the “Alastor’s Way” Achievement. We decided to ask him some questions and see what he might have to teach the rest of us!

Tell us about your Coalition. How and when was it created? How many players are in your Coalition?

To start with, our Coalition name, “ΕΛ”, comes from ancient Greek mythology. All of our members are great characters with passion and knowledge of the game. We all have strong will and reason to guide our emotions so we can excel at teamwork, which always brings us success. Success is just a goal, but the changes in my players while we’re on our road to achieving it are truly remarkable. The team was created on April 12th, 2016, as a group of friends wanting to fill some of our empty hours with fun - and I believe we achieved that on the highest level!

Why did you decide to pursue this Achievement?

All the achievements are hard and equally important for us but the Alastor’s Way seemed to be the toughest one of all, and really tested us as a team. We did it and in doing that we became more united as a team than we had ever been... and we will achieve even more.

What was the most difficult thing you faced while pursuing your goal?

The hardest parts of earning the Alastor’s Way Achievement were coordinating the hours of Attacks among our members. Sometimes we really had to push our limits but the result is very rewarding for us. I am very proud of it and of my team.  

What pieces of advice would you give to the other Coalitions that are trying to earn this Achievement?

My advice to all is to follow the game rules and respect each other. Join a team, don’t go it alone and try your best to put up a good fight and play fairly with all members of Sparta world. Share friendships and work together. That will open new roads towards your targets.

What will you do now? Do you have any plans for future Achievements?

Allow me to save this part for all my Coalition members. I can tell you all with honesty that we are determined to accomplish everything in this game. Thank you for giving me the time to share with you a few but great memories of ΕΛ.


Sotiris, thank you for taking time to answer our questions. We wish you and your Coalition even more luck for the future (not that you need it)!

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