The House of Batiatus Lose Everything

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The House of Batiatus, facing a combined assault rarely ever seen in this realm's history, has finally buckled under the pressure. Will they live to fight another day, or die defending their homelands?

The Chronicle returns this week once again with a story from the front lines of a war that has been erupting and affecting some of the most established, respected coalitions our realm has ever seen.

This war of course is the one that surrounds the House of Batiatus and how the combined might of their enemies continues to rain down on them, taking them from the top ranking coalition just a few months ago to much lower in the charts.

Since we began following this story, the Chronicle has noted how this coalition has weathered the storm that they face, defeating all enemies through the sheer strength of their defenders, yet this has undoubtedly taken a toll and even the most stout, ancient fortification will eventually crumble if enough force is applied.

Despite the odds they battled on, re-fortifying their bastions of power and taking on all opposition.

HoB Defend Pan 495 3

HoB Defend Pantheon 495

HoB Defend Pan 495

HoB Under Attack

HoB Under Attack 2

Unfortunately for the House of Batiatus, it was only a matter of time. Despite the fact that they continued to repel all attackers, a strategic move was made to withdraw their remaining forces from their Pantheons, in the face of intelligence that was telling them a massive combined assault would soon be descending upon them.

HoB Abandons Pantheons

Immediately after this call went out, the defenders began abandoning their posts, leaving through the back gates and attempting to return to the safety of their own individual castles, knowing that they would one day have their revenge if they lived to fight another day.

Their enemies were well aware of this fact and acted swiftly, testing the waters first, and then hammering down with brute force to kill the small amount of troops that remained.

HoB Lose Pan 495

HoB Lose Pan 496

As the dust settles and the House of Batiatus is forced to collect their thoughts and their armies, it is unclear what will happen next. Their enemies are no doubt rejoicing in this victory, but for how long? 

History has shown that the House of Batiatus are not a force that will simply disappear. Although fallen from grace at the top of the charts, they are still a formidable force and their enemies would be wise to remember this.

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