A Vow to Break the Monopoly

The Lost Souls have vowed to break the monopoly that the top coalitions have over the realm. They have begun by shedding many of their own pantheons and plan on consolidating their power. Yet constant attacks beleaguer them as they do so: will they persevere?

Lost Souls Shed Pantheons

Long have the most powerful dictated the direction of the realm. Long have they pressed a heavy thumb on many of us who are just trying to scrape by, to gain a piece of land for ourselves and to prosper. Finally, perhaps, this may all be coming to an end.

The top coalitions of the realm have ballooned in size. They have grown to the point where they hold so much land and so much influence that they are now having difficulty holding much of what they own. This is not yet true for all of the top coalitions, but this stark truth has set in for the Lost Souls, one of the most powerful and dominant coalitions this realm has ever seen.

Since the rise of the last Pantheons, which greatly increased their territory, the Lost Souls have found themselves spread thin. As a result, their many enemies have begun to peck at their defenses and find the chinks in their armor, taking advantage of this when the opportunity presents itself.

As a result, a rift has formed within the ranks of the Lost Souls, so severe that the leadership there has had to make a very difficult but necessary decision: whether to downsize or to continue to fight an enemy on all fronts.

Hegemon Lost Souls Vows to Break Monopoly

The result of their decision has been made clear. The Lost Souls Hegemon, Dub, released the above message and indicated to all that he would be downsizing and consolidating the Lost Soul's power. Yet, as can be read from the message, that is not all that he had to say.

The Lost Souls have not only vowed to downsize their lands, but have also vowed to break up the monopoly that all the top clans currently have over the majority of the Pantheons. A brave vow indeed and one that will not be taken lightly by some of the most powerful names in the realm.

Following this message, quick action was taken by the Lost Souls leadership. Deals began to form and level one pantheons were given to allies of theirs.

Lost Souls Consolidates Drops lvl1 Pans

Lost Souls Drop Pan 84 Consolidate

During this time, not only were the Lost Souls giving away many of their weaker pantheons, but they were also engaged in a battle on many fronts as many coalitions continued to attack them.

Many of the Lost Souls pantheons continued to fall, but the stout and seasoned warriors were able to regain most of which they lost, hoping to pass them on to coalitions in more favorable standing with them.

Hungarians Besiege Pan 22 LS

Hungarians Besiege Pan 112

Legio invictum Besiege LS Pan 180

Par Toutatis Besieges LS Pan 3

Valisar Besiege LS Pan 140

Due to this fact, and the pressure that it was putting on the coalition as a whole, Dub, the Hegemon of the Lost Souls, decided that it would be best to accelerate their plans and begin to shed pantheons at a faster rate, pushing their plans ahead by one week.

Lost Accelerates Downsizing

It is yet unclear as to how successful many of these hand-offs are going for the Lost Souls and their vast family of sub-coalitions, but the end result is clear. They will be sticking to their plans and will be consolidating their power. 

It is incredibly clear now that they overreached and over-extended their influence. Now by shedding these excess pantheons, they will be able to consolidate their defensive warriors and grow that much stronger as a coalition, moving on into the future as a continued power block in the realm.

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