The Lost Souls

The Lost Souls, one of the most powerful and top ranking coalitions in the realm, finds themselves stretched too thin and unable to defend their seats of power, the Pantheons. Facing pressure they strike back and hope to maintain what is theirs.

Overstretched and Under Assualt

In this land great lords have prospered, they have grown and in some cases they have grown too big. The Lost Souls are currently faced with this problem as the Chronicle writes this article. They find their lands under constant siege: what are they to do?

This would not be a problem if all of their seats of powers, the much coveted Pantheons, were strongly defended, but in this case they simply are not. Some of their garrisons have only a scant few men guarding their walls. In the past this has not been an issue, but as of late some planning and deceit has been orchestrated behind the scenes to bring about the downfall of this great family of coalitions.

The first to act were the Hungarians. They are a savage coalition that has gotten a taste of battle and never wants to return to the sedentary lives they once lived, preferring to hear the clash of steel on steel and the sight of blood upon the ground as they trample over their opposition.

The first stage of their attacks was planned well in advance. They gathered a number of their most stout warriors and through the power of their sorcerers, they repositioned their great cities right on the very doorstep of the Lost Souls Pantheon #179.

Once in place, there was little the ranks of the Lost Souls could do. 179 was so weakly defended it fell quickly. Given the closeness of the Hungarians warriors, they were able to almost immediately station their defenders within the stronghold, barring the doors and throwing down the old flag to be replaced with their own.

Hungarians take Pan 179 Lost Souls

Adding additional confusion to the situation was the lack of response from the ranks of the Lost Souls leadership, who was unfortunately indisposed at the time of the attack. This led to indecision and frustration amongst many members of the Lost Souls ranks.

Confusion LS PAN 179

Many of the Lost Souls members did just that; they remained united and planned their own counter attacks, sending softening and testing hits against their seized Pantheon 179, yet to no immediate avail.

The confusion was quickly dispelled once Dub, the Hegemon of the Lost Souls family, returned to his Bannerman. Coordinated coalition attacks were put into action and the Lost Souls family was informed of the situation and told to prepare for war.

Hegemon Lost Souls Dub Answering Complaints

Unfortunately for the noble Lost Souls, their woes were just beginning. Numerous other coalitions began to learn about the vulnerability of the Lost Souls level one Pantheons and how easy they were to topple and take. New attacks from new borders began to rain down upon them.

Band Of Killerz Besiege Pan 84 Lost Souls

Lost Souls Lose Pan 84

Dacia Besieges Pan 82

Templier Besieges Pan 3

Hungarians Besiege Pan 144

Hungarians Besiege Pan 144 2

Los Locos Besieges Pan 110

Although the Lost Souls were proven to be overstretched and weak in many of their positions, they were far from done in the fight. Their members began a campaign of reconquest and quickly attacked and seized most of that which they lost.

The leadership of Lost Souls struck out and took down a number of key targets on the map, exerting their power and showing the realm that they are far from broken.

Lost Souls Strikes Back

What the plans are for the Lost Souls moving forward is yet unknown. This story is just beginning, but must have many other top coalitions on edge as well, as they too must be overstretched and thin on defense in many of their seats of power.

The Lost Souls now face a dilemma that many great lords before them have faced: fight a war on all fronts and retake what they lose on a constant basis, or consolidate and reinforce their key positions? The latter means losing land, but strengthening their core. Regardless of the decision that is made, this is one story that the Chronicle will be following closely, and reporting back to you, the citizens of the realm. Until then, be safe and be vigilant.

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