Pantheons Rise Forth!

Hegemons across the realm prepare their men for a great event. All is wagered on a rumor, but a rumor that is proven to be truth. New Pantheons rise forth and the race is on to claim ownership.

Rumors in the Air

The word spread quickly: rumors at first, but strong in conviction were the ones weaving the tales. The smell of Pantheons was in the air and they would soon rise from the bosom of the earth, once again gracing the citizens of the realm with more power, lands, and sadly conflict.

Great lords from all over began to mobilize their forces, Hegemons sent down the orders to their Polemarches and preparations began to come in full swing. The top coalitions of the realm knew what was coming, yet there were still many more that did not gain access to this vital information. The source of which is yet unknown.

Rumors New Pantheon Drop

Rumors New Pantheon Drop 2

The wait would not be long. In a matter of days, the new Pantheons erupted from the crust of the earth. These powerful constructions graced the realm with their presence, but came bearing a taint of evil with them as well.

Xerxes and his vile minions had been also forewarned of a new wave of Pantheons and had beaten the realm’s heroes to the prize, quickly seizing and taking hold of these coveted seats of power.

Already in place, the mighty coalitions of our land marched on Xerxes, intent on once again beating his forces back to farm the lands, as they did many times before.

Successful battles were fought on all corners of the realm as our heroes made quick work of Xerxes’ forces.

In the North, two of the most powerful coalitions claimed almost absolute dominance and significantly expanded on their already vast network of Pantheons. Death Inc and the Terminators rejoiced as they settled into their new bastions.

New Pantheons North Death Inc

Meanwhile, in the South, HoB, Germinacus, SPQR, Association, Lost Souls, Fushion Latina and Athenas were just some of the coalitions that went to battle against Xerxes and found themselves in possession of a number of new Pantheons.

The scene was not quite as neat as in other areas of the realm, with many coalitions battling over the new lands.

New Pantheons SW HoB Guardians Sparta Bloodthirsty

New Pantheons South West Lost Souls FusionLatina Ilrek

New Pantheons South Germanicus Assossation SPQR

In the East, a series of scuffles occurred after Xerxes had been expelled, yet once again we have seen some familiar faces at last seizing hold of what they believed to be their rightful lands.

The Kracken, Equilibrium and House of Gods gained significant influence after claiming victories.

New Pantheons East Kracken HouseofGods Equilibrum

The picture painted in the West was also a messy one, as coalitions scrambled and were less prepared for the new drop of Pantheons, proving that not everyone was as well informed as others. 

Athenas Honor and Ares were two Coalitions of many that wrested control from Xerxes and gained access to the much desired Orchi that is so valued throughout the lands.

New Pantheons Athenas Honor Ares West

Unfortunately, as we've seen so many times before in the past, this will just be the beginning. Now leaders much face the stark reality that Xerxes is not the only threat that we face. The threat of their fellow brothers will now be the true test of our times.

The desire for power is absolute and the control of these Pantheons is the means of that power. Battles will occur and be fought all over the lands, great resources will be pushed into expanding and growing these Pantheons. The true story has just begun.

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