Dragons Lair Plots Destruction

The Hedge of Dragons Lair attempts to muster allies in an attack against HoB and its members. Unfortunately for them, news of this is learned too soon and an all-out attack against Dragons Lair begins. Is this the death of the Dragons?

The Death of a Coalition 

Insults, accusations, injuries to one's pride. This is all part of the land we live in, part of the constant battle that the great lords of our realm wage against one another on a daily basis. 
For the most part, this war of words remains just that, going no further and eventually being resolved before it can escalate to the point of swords being drawn on one another. This is how we would prefer the matter to remain at the Chronicle, for the threat of Xerxes is ever present and is where our focus should remain.
Yet this is not the case. In reality threats and insults can and do escalate beyond mere words and manifest themselves as direct action, threatening the men and women that reside in these lands, causing brothers to clash steel and blood to be shed.
The focus of this week's Chronicle is just that. The two parties? House of Batitus and Dragons Lair. 
The Hedge of Dragons Lair has never had any love for HoB or its members, but until recently this resentment had not manifested itself as anything that would require direct action. Tantomont sent out messages to multiple Coalitons, asking for their aid in "wiping" HoB off the map.
This news eventually reached the ears of HoB leadership, who could not stand for such threatening plotting: direct action had to be taken, and quickly. The following message was intercepted by the Chronicle from HoB leadership:

HB Declares War Dragonslair

Immediately upon receiving this message, the stout members of HoB began mustering their forces and prepared for war. Targets were chosen and promptly dealt with: a wave of destruction washed over Dragons Lair and their members, with the main focus being Tantomont, the leader of the coalition.

HB Hit Dragons Lair

HoB Raids Dragons

HoB Sieges Dragons

Hob sieges Dragons 2

A small sample of some of the attacks and resources plundered are shown above, but the attacks did not stop here. Systematically, HoB began ripping the coalition to pieces, causing paranoia to set in and many members to flee their banner.

Dragons Chat Information Leaked

Dragons Lair fought on for some time, while Tantomont issued political attacks against the leadership of the HoB. Many members attempted to strike back, but the majority of them failed.
Unfortunately for Dragons Lair and their members, this was a prime example of how one mistake by a leader can end in a coalition's ruin.

Dragons Lair Wiped Out

As it stands now, Tantomont and one other member are all that remain of the Coalition. Dragons Lair is no more and its once-proud members have either fled or been reduced to ashes. HoB fights on and its members can be proud of the fact that they have protected their Coalition’s honor one more time.

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