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by Américo Nunes Alves

What are Elixirs?

Elixirs are a special liquid concoction used by warriors to boost their skills. Elixirs are specially prepared in accordance with ancestral recipes. Elixirs hold the true secret of victory, for they can boost your troop’s morale up to 40%.

Bonuses provided by elixirs are permanent; therefore they will not disappear unless you extract them from activation slots. Elixirs only work on your troops and the bonuses apply wherever your troops are.

Where are Elixirs prepared?

The latest improvement brought by King Leonidas to the Spartan Army is the Sanctum of Asclepius, where you can store, mix, activate and switch your elixirs.

To build the Sanctum of Asclepius, go to your city, click the “Construction” button, open the “Command” tab and select “Sanctum of Asclepius”, then chose a city slot and click to initiate construction.

When you build the Sanctum of Asclepius, you will find that it has two divisions:

·         The Cache is where elixirs are stored, activated and extracted;

·         The Amphora Chamber is where you command your Druid to mix elixirs so he can deliver better, more potent ones.

This building can receive 10 upgrades. Upgrading this building is a very demanding task for your artisans, but it will allow you to boost your troop’s skills to highly competitive levels. As you level up, each upgrade will allow you to use elixirs of higher levels and potency.

Sanctum of asclepius

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