Elixirs Made Simple

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Elixirs are tinctures, or liquids with magical properties. In SWOE, warriors use these Elixirs to enhance their skill sets. They are prepared according to ancient recipes, and they are widely touted to be the secret to an Archon’s victory. 

The bonuses you receive by way of Elixirs are permanent – they never disappear so long as the Elixir is not removed. Take note that Elixirs will only function on your personal Units, so no bonuses will be applied to other Archons’ Reinforcements in your City.

Elixirs can be acquired from Mystery Chests through various actions available to you in the game. Elixirs can be upgraded and used via the Sanctum of Asclepius. There are 8 categories of Elixirs available to you as an Archon of Sparta: War of Empires (SWOE), including the following: Crafting Elixirs, Endurance Elixirs, Glory Elixirs, Power Elixirs, Resistance Elixirs, Strength Elixirs, Swiftness Elixirs and Wrath Elixirs.

Crafting Elixirs

Crafting Elixirs are applicable to Phalanx’s Defense capabilities. There are 12 levels of such Elixirs available. As you upgrade your Elixirs to higher levels, the percentage of bonus by which defensive combat statistics are improved increases accordingly. The percentage varies across types of defense (there is a greater boost against Infantry Units than against Phalanx and Cavalry Units).

Endurance Elixirs

Endurance Elixirs boost the defensive combat statistics of Heavy Infantry Units. As you move up to higher level Elixirs, the percentage of defensive boost they grant increases.

Glory Elixirs

These are used for the purposes of enhancing Offensive Phalanx actions. Currently, there are 12 levels of this Elixir, with bonuses to Phalanx Unit Offence increasing as you advance to higher levels. It starts at 0.5% and increases in increments of 0.5% to 6% at level 12.

Power Elixirs

Power Elixirs are primarily used for Offensive Heavy Infantry. There are 12 levels with the Power Elixirs and the bonus starts at 0.8% (level 1) and increases in increments of 0.8% all the way up to 9.6% on level 12.

Resistance Elixirs

Resistance Elixirs are most effective with Defensive Light Infantry. There are currently 12 levels of known Resistance Elixirs, with Defensive capabilities against Cavalry, Heavy Infantry, Phalanx and Light Infantry benefiting from this defensive tincture.

Strength Elixirs

Strength Elixirs are used for offensive purposes for Light Infantry. They begin on icon level 1 at a 1% bonus and can be crafted up to level 12, for a 12% bonus.

Swiftness Elixirs

Swiftness Elixirs are used primarily for Defensive Cavalry. At icon level 1, the bonuses added to Cavalry Defense statistics are 0.5% versus Cavalry, 0.8% versus Heavy Infantry, 0.8% versus Phalanx and 1% versus Light Infantry.

Wrath Elixirs

Wrath Elixirs are most effective with Offensive Cavalry. At level 1 the bonus to Cavalry Offense statistics is 0.5%, and it extends to 6% by level 12.

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