Sparta Coalition Capital

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Spartans - report to your Coalition’s Hegemon immediately and ask them to build the Coalition Capital today! It will make all members of the Coalition stronger and grant you an advantage in Sparta: War of Empires.

The Coalition Capital is a new, special building that can only be constructed by the Coalition’s Hegemon. Think of it as the heart of your Coalition - the bigger and stronger it is, the more strength your Coalition will have to crush your enemies. Take care of your Capital and it will provide you with various bonuses, increase your Influence, and even hurt rival Coalitions in the process.
Through the Capital, your Coalition can develop Disciplines. These will give all members priceless bonuses, ranging from reduction of Grain consumption to increases in Unit combat statistics. Disciplines can be developed using Medals. Medals can be won by participating in Tournaments, but you can also purchase them from the Capital’s Info tab.
The Coalition Capital starts at level 3, and can go as high as level 20. The higher the level of your Capital, the greater the bonuses members will receive. Upgrading your Capital is done by using Tools, and completing certain tasks and challenges. Tools can be earned through Coalition Tournaments, or bought using Drachmas. Bear in mind that an upgrade isn’t permanent, as other Coalitions can try to attack your Capital to downgrade it.
Naturally, you can (and should) attack enemy Capitals to deprive them of their bonuses. Downgrading enemy Capitals is actually one of the requirements for upgrading yours. Not only will you hit your rivals where it hurts, you will boost your strength at the same time. Isn’t that every tactician's dream scenario?

Watch the Coalition Capital introduction video to learn even more about this new addition to Sparta: War of Empires. Then, message your Coalition’s Hegemon to make sure they build it and start upgrading it immediately, if they haven’t done so already!

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