City Building Tips for new Sparta players

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If you are new to Sparta, you are facing the daunting task of building and improving your City. At the same time, you are trying to unlock and upgrade different types of Troops. If you are reading this, chances are you have been playing for a while but may be struggling a bit. Not to worry, the following tips may help you make the right decisions and enjoy the game a lot more. 

What to do?

Well, as a main rule, follow the Missions in your Quests Manager, as it will give you a nice bonus for everything you do.

Exceptions to that rule: get your Resource production going. One way to do that without missing out on the rewards you get by following the missions, is to upgrade 3 Farms, Lumberyards and Forges to a more decent level.

You can upgrade the rest when the Mission demands it. It is even more important for the Storages: get two of each way up there. If you are in a good Coalition, they will help you by sending Resources, but that is no good if you cannot store those. 

Note: The only Building that goes against the system is the Agora. It reduces the build and upgrade times so you should finish it as soon as you possibly can.


If you are going to spend ANY money on the game, this is what you should spend it on.
Get four artisans as early on as possible. I am not going into the spending-money-on-free-games debate but this IS entertainment, and movie tickets cost money too…. Just saying.

You sometimes get offers on production packages as cheap as 10 dollars, with one artisan in them + Drachma, Boosts and Resources. If that is your third or fourth artisan, that is a great deal, as they get more expensive for each next one. 

Now you simply keep those artisans working day and night, and do not spend Timber logs on Troops unless all your Artisans are busy.

Those bastards will drink all your beer and bother the women if they are out of work. Keep only enough Troops to be able to Raid dead cities for resources in the beginning, as you will be constantly low on grain, and troops will eat you out of house and home. The army you can maintain at this level is only good for getting you into trouble you can’t handle anyway.

You will probably train SOME troops to balance out the resources, but they are for Xerxes. More on that later.

If the Coalition you are in is worthwhile, they will understand that you are a long-term investment. They will help you with defenses, which will be better than you sitting there with un-upgraded units eating your grains.


Sign Agreements as soon as you get a complete set of Articles. And don’t forget to trade what you have duplicates of. When production is somewhat up there, it’s time to get some strength to the few Troops you have, you can do that happens by upgrading agreements.
Max out the Ephorate first, as that reduces the signing time. 


In the beginning, you work your way straight down to where you can decrease Grain consumption, and when that is maxed out, you max out the two spots that give you faster signing speed as well. This is important as later on in the game upgrading a single level of an Agreement will take a week. 

Where to GET Scrolls

Do “Persian Positions” with whatever troops you end up with. And keep doing mostly the top-level ones until your get to level 50. Prioritize this, and keep it simple. People tend to overcomplicate Xerxes. Combined with the fact that Positions will help you level up, this will get you the scrolls you need to get started. 


A member is a long-term investment. I have seen time and time again high level players unable to build or maintain any kind of army worth having… even far up in the 70+ levels, having nothing but some rubbish defenses and grains way in the red.

These players tend to come from Coalitions that demand defenses for their Pantheons regardless of the members’ needs. Those are Coalitions that are simply not ready for Pantheons. 

If a member’s City is not absolutely done with the QUESTS for upgrading BUILDINGS, they must have ONE mission: Build that City! And if you see them spending Resources on offenses to get themselves into trouble, remind them about that simple mission: BUILD THAT CITY, upgrade those Agreements.

Get that “Statue of Demeter” to level 20 before building any Army. This is the time where the Coalition INVESTS in a member that will later become powerful.

Start playing Sparta Now!

This article was written by player Richard Arntzen, who granted permission for it to be posted on Any thoughts or views expressed herein are the player's own, and do not necessarily reflect the views of Plarium Global.

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