The Brotherhood Academy Faces The Red Coalition

Trumpets blare and crowds gather in anticipation. A great feast is planned and champions from both the Brotherhood Academy and the Red coalition meet to test their skills. A challenge rises forth, who will be victorious?

The Brotherhood Academy Faces The Red Coalition

The ringing of steel, the shouts of the onlookers, the smell of roasting meat and the thunderous roar of hooves stampeding across the ground. Great lords, small folk and all walks of life in-between have come out to witness a show of arms and a contest of great warriors.

The Brotherhood Academy and the Red coalitions have entered into an official challenge treaty and both sides are dead set that they will be crowned the champions.

The contest is simple, strategy and a test of arms are pitted against one another, with both sides meeting in battle and points being awarded to those who are victorious. In addition to this, sides are rewarded points for resources gained and plundered.

The battles started off small, each side testing each other’s strength, but this was not to last long. After a few short days, the Red coalitions and the Brotherhood Academy had landed a number of successful raids on key fortifications held by each side.

Both sides gained equal victories and were running neck in neck, but this was not to last, the Red coalition slowly began to pull ahead of the Brotherhood. With roughly three and a half days remaining, a small lead was being granted to them.

Brotherhood Vs Red

As can be seen from the above report, the Red Coalition had landed a serious blow that solidly put them in first place, destroying almost 30,000 troops in the process.

As the days wore on, the Brotherhood fought back to the point where both sides were nearly neck in neck once again. The crowds and lords cheered on as they viewed the battles from a distance, adding motivation to their favored side.

The defensive capabilities of the Brotherhood were put to the test in the waning days of the challenge, as they mounted efforts to stop their opposition and win on that front. Sadly, the attacks by the Red were simply too fierce and too overpowering.

In the end, as the trumpets signalled the end of the fight and the end of the bloodshed, a winner was declared and the victor's name was shouted out for all the masses to hear.

Brotherhood Academy Loses Challenge

The battle was close indeed, with both sides putting on an impressive display in the charts, but as can be seen from the final declaration, only one side would be deemed the victor. Coalition Red, although bested on the defensive front, was the clear victor offensively, destroying a massive amount of units as they marched on to their triumph.

With the ending of this challenge, both sides have returned to their respective lands, some gladdened by the showing, some saddened, but all entertained.

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