Rise and Fall of the Capital

A new age of power and wealth has arrived, yet it comes with a price. Who will be able to hold onto their new found riches and who will be trampled in this coming wave of change? 

A New Age of Power Has Arrived

A new age has arrived, an age of power and progress, an age of enlightenment. A new fortification has arrived, developed by the realm’s most advanced engineers, and it brings with it great power and influence to those coalitions strong enough and brave enough to venture into its progression.

These seats of power of which I spoke of are already well known by anyone that is not living in isolation and that is even remotely connected to the developed world. They are of course the Capitals.

Coalition Capitals

Being constructed all across the realm, our brave men and women have begun to pour their resources and their labor into these great structures. With their construction comes the greatest expansion of the power this realm has seen since the rise of the Pantheons and will likely be unrivaled for eons to come.

Death Inc Capital

Kracken Capital

Yet they do not come without risk. The gods, ever the tricksters, have brought once again both a blessing and a curse to their people, for these Capitals are not without risk.

Many coalitions now find themselves facing the reality that they must now defend yet another seat of power, for their enemies are always vying for the opportunity to strike out and gain an advantage over them, whenever they can. The Capitals are no different in this perspective and face great risk unless strongly defended.

Fortunately, many leagues are already ahead of the curve and have begun to strengthen and grow the level of their Capital, pouring resources and defenders into these bastions.

Coalition Capitals 2

Sadly, for others who have tried to venture into this new era, they have learned that things may not be so easy. Many coalitions have already been attacked, seeing their dreams and hopes shattered before they even had a chance to take root.

Smoke can be seen all across the horizon as the armies march forth and crush those coalitions who had insufficient defenders behind the walls of their capitals. 

Capitals Burn

Capitals Downgraded

Already great battles have been fought from all reaches of the land. Who will maintain their rise in power is yet to be seen, but we can feel confident in predicting that many of the most powerful coalitions in the realm will fight tooth and nail to preserve their newly found grips on power. Others may not be so fortunate.

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