Expansion of Borders

Rumors have been circulating for weeks that new Pantheons would soon be gracing our lands. The wait is over and now the race for power is on. Who will come out on top?

New Pantheons in the Northern Lands

Once again, the expansion of power and land has caused a scramble across our great lands! Men, women and child quickly gathered their possession and moved to the new frontier, a land yet wild and filled with the vile forces of Xerxes. Yet, if the will of free man is to have its way, this won't last for long.

Already our heroes in the North and the West, the lands where these new Pantheons have arisen, are doing battle, beating back the forces of evil and making it safe for their people.

Quickly was this achieved, as once again there appeared to be great foreknowledge in the fact that these new Pantheons would soon be gracing our lands. For weeks, top coalitions have been preparing their Bannerman for war and the time of action.

Rumors of News Pans Surface

Coalitions Prepare New Pan Drops

With this foreknowledge, the free people had an upper hand on Xerxes, quickly expelling him from the new Pantheons and sending him fleeing into the dark. Yet, as is now well known, this is not the only threat that must be warded off in these times. Our fellow man is an even greater threat and to the victor go the spoils.

Because of this fact, coalitions immediately began piling in the required resources to grow and strengthen the defenses of their newly created Pantheons. Some smaller leagues were incapable of holding on to what they took, as the more powerful ones moved in and seized the day.

Regardless of the outcome, those who took power, took action, choosing not to sit idle while the threat of attack loomed over them.

New Pans Defense

New Pans LS

With this new rise of Pantheons, which appeared to mainly affect the North and the West, the map was once again reshaped. Yet not much changed in the power structure, as can be seen from the images obtained by the Chronicle: much remained the same, with coalitions proving their ability to maintain their borders.

New Pans North Death Inc

New Pans North Terminators

New Pans West LS

Whether or these leagues have over expanded and will be capable of holding onto their newly taken lands, in addition to those vast swathes that they already possess is yet to be seen and will have to be a story for another time. Until then, be safe citizens and enjoy your new homes if you were lucky enough to be in the right place, at the right time.

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