The Slaying of Pantheon 2

The Slayers have come under direct threat. Their small lands are in the path of the expansion of the greatest family of coalitions this realm has ever seen - Death Inc. Will the Slayers resist? Or will they falter in their penultimate hour?

Death Inc on the March

Death Inc, the most powerful collection of Coalitions in Hellas, is on the march. Always seeking to expand its influence and its power, through its many family Coalitions, war is never far off in the distance.

For smaller Coalitions, to lie in the path of one as great and threatening as this is a very ill thing indeed. Unfortunately for the Slayers, a known and respected Coalition, this is exactly what happened.

Pantheon 2 - a seat of power that the Slayers have taken, secured, and defended from Xerxes and his vile forces - has now come under threat from an altogether new target - Death Inc.

As previously mentioned, the Death Inc family consists of a vast network of Coalitions, thus enabling them to engage in wars on multiple fronts and be successful while doing so. In this campaign, Death Inc 3 and 6 were mobilized for battle.

Attack orders were given and these mighty warriors went immediately into action, moving into the Slayers’ small domain of held land and laying siege to one of their two seats of power - Pantheon 2.

The Slayers, capable defenders in their own right, withstood a vast wave of assaults that saw them repelling attacks from multiple angles and piling the dead around the walls of their fortifications. The attacks appeared never ending and filled pages upon pages of reports.

Death Inc Assaults Slayers

Death Inc 3 Fails Pan 2

Death Inc Fails Pan 2

Still, this was a war of attrition and although the Slayers had to their advantage strong walls, sheer numbers seemed to favor Death Inc 3 and 6 who constantly sent wave after wave of vicious attackers into the field of battle.

These attacks began to take more and more out of the ranks of the Slayers as their numbers dwindled and fatigue began to set in amongst their ranks. Reinforcements had difficulty reaching the battlements and it became increasingly clear as the days went on that the Slayers’ cause was a lost one. 

Finally, through sheer force and numbers, the Death Inc 6 landed the final finishing blow. What’s made clear from the report is that not much remained in Pantheon 2. The Slayers’ forces had been decimated.

The Slayers’ leadership sent out a message to all their members, informing them of the defeat. Their one remaining seat of power, Pantheon 4, was to be reinforced just in case the thirst for blood within the ranks of Death Inc remained strong.

Slayers lose Pan 2

Yet this was not the end. Assault forces from the Slayers began their strikes and took back Pantheon 2. Although no defenders remained in place to guard the walls, vengeance had been taken.

This action led to an entirely new series of battles as both sides engaged in attacks on one another, ultimately downgrading and diminishing the power of Pantheon 2.

Chaos Pan 2

The Slayers, though defeated in this battle, are already preparing for a force to come and try to wrest from them their sole remaining seat of power. Testing hits are being sent against Pantheon 4 while, in the meantime, the Slayers are in discussions on how best to seek revenge on Death Inc and those allied to them.

Slayers Pan 4 At Risk DeathInc

Slayers Strike Back

We at the Chronicle highly doubt that this is the last we will see from these two warring factions and are certain that even now a future battle of epic proportions is being plotted by these bitter enemies. Battered and bloody, the Slayers fight on. Whether they can stand firm while Death Inc gathers its vast armies remains to be seen.

The storm clouds are gathering and dark days lie ahead. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, citizens of Hellas. For we fear the worst is yet to come.

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