Sparta's Warrior Moderator Interview with Antti Hartikka

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Player: Antti Hartikka

Game: Sparta: War of Empires


1. Can you introduce yourself and tell us how your interest in playing games started?

I am 32 years old, and I work as a forestry engineer. I also have a wife and two kids.

In the past, I used to play PC games, but since my kids were born I’ve not had as much time to do that. On the 19th of March 2014, I found Sparta: War of Empires on Facebook and I loved it from the beginning. For the first time, I could meet other real people while gaming. I’ve now even met some of those people in real life!

2. Who has impressed you most in your time being a moderator?

In the group, we have so many nice people from all over the world. We all have a good sense of humor and have a lot of fun together. In particular, though, there is a Greek player who has excellent knowledge of history. Katerina has enlightened us many times about the in-game Units and Buildings from a historical perspective.

3. Which type of question do you like answering the most? And which type do you dislike?

I like questions relating to game strategy. Being able to test different ones to help someone else figure out what best suits their gameplay is a really interesting part of being a moderator.

The questions I dislike having to deal with our problems I can do nothing about. An example is “why was there no warning before the server went down?”. I can’t do anything to help when something has already happened, so it just ends up being frustrating for everyone.

4. In your opinion, what are the advantages and disadvantages of being a moderator?

An advantage of being a moderator is that I get to meet people from all over the world. I can help test new game strategies and then share that knowledge with other players. I can also pass on player feedback directly to our Community Managers and the dev team.

A disadvantage is that if something isn’t going well, moderating can take up a lot of time. It does take away from time I could spend playing the game, there’s no denying that. My inbox is always full of player questions so I usually have to deal with those first.

5. Have the skills you have learned while moderating helped you in real life?

I would say it’s more than the experiences I have had in real life have helped my moderating skills!

6. A random question: what is your favorite way to spend your free time?

On my days off from work, I love to start the morning with a big cup of coffee before checking my Sparta war reports. I’ll also plan to do PvP hits with my Coalition.

When the kids are awake, that’s when I switch over to family time. Real life and game responsibilities must always be balanced.

7. Do you have any other comments?

I would like to thank all the players that participate in the community. I also hope we will see some great new game features soon that’ll introduce even more ways to play Sparta!

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