Team Building with Sparta: War of Empires

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Sparta: War of Empires makes it possible for you to form unbreakable bonds with fellow players who have common interests. This is known as teambuilding, or forging alliances with Allies.

What are the benefits of Allies?

·         With Allies, the speed that for movement of Resources and Reinforcements between your Cities is 24 times faster than the normal rates. This places it on par with transfer rates between Facebook Friends.
·         Another benefit of Allies is that you can receive copies of your Allies’ PvP (Player vs Plaer) Battle Reports, including key information on Sieges, Scouting, Raids and Defence.
·         It is possible to further customize the Reports via the following process: Reports >>Diplomacy>> Settings
·         When used correctly, the Allies option permits 2 individuals to avoid going for the same targets in pursuit of the same Resources.
·         Even if your Ally absconds, you will still be able to receive reports detailing Attacks on them, which can give you insight into the offensive capabilities of nearby players.

What are the risks of Allies?

·         The Battle Reports that you see are precisely the same reports that each of your Allies will receive. All fighting forces involved in the battles will be visible to them. It is not simply the reinforcing player’s troops. Your Ally gets to see everything – all the reports – you have no control over what reports he/she will see.
·         Scout reports will also be seen and it's possible that other players, if they are disloyal Allies, will raid your targets before you get a chance to do so.

These risks can be mitigated by carefully selecting the Archons you wish to make Allies of.

What Are The Mechanics of Allies?

Before you are able to use the Allies functionality in Sparta: War of Empires, an Embassy must be constructed. By further upgrading this Embassy, you can increase your Allies capacity to 6. Once you're ready to extend invitations to Allies, you must make them an offer. This is possible in the following way:

The Map:

1.      Click on the Map icon on the right side of your City interface 
2.      Place the cursor over the City of the player you would like to Become an Ally with
3.      Next, click Offer Alliance from the City Menu that pops up
Alternately, you can enter the player’s City and choose Form Alliance under the Actions Menu. 
Your Embassy & Allies
1.      Navigate to your Embassy
2.      Next, select the Allies Tab
3.      Now you can send an Alliance Offer to the person you'd like to become Allies with
4.      Select the Player from the List Window

Note: In order for the bond to be made, the other player has to accept your offer. It is also possible for fellow players to offer you Alliances, which offers you can respond to through the same Allies Tab.

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