Signing Agreements

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When you sign Agreements in Sparta: War of Empires (SWOE), you will be able to unlock Units and new buildings. Remember that you will be required to build the Ephorate to upgrade your Agreements. Agreement boxes include the following information in the interface:

  1. Which buildings the Agreement will allow you to construct
  2. Your current upgrade level and the Agreement’s maximum upgrade level
  3. Which Articles you have and which numbers are required (if applicable)

You can run your mouse over the ‘Sign’ or ‘Update’ buttons to gather additional information on the prices of signing and updating the Agreements. It’s entirely possible to increase your signing speed when you upgrade the Ephorate by way of Scrolls.

There are two places in the Academy where you can apply Scrolls for the purposes of enhancing your signing speed. Take note that more advanced agreements are especially costly in terms of Grain, so careful planning and Resource budgeting is essential.

How to Gather Articles in Sparta: War of Empires

  • Complete tutorial quests for immediate access to Articles
  • Acquire new Articles at a rate of 1 per day for Basic Agreements (Resource Improvements, Trade, Tier I & II units)
  • Articles for the special Agreements relating to Tier III & IV Units need to be purchased with GPs (Glory Points) through the Market. New Agreements will require 4 – 8 articles each, at 25 GPs for every Article. Thus, these take time and effort to unlock. Further information on how to earn GPs is listed under the relevant Wiki section.

Completion of Agreements

A 7% passive bonus to Bronze and Timber production is available to players if they sign all the Agreements that do not require GPs. This will remain in effect until a new Agreement is drafted, at which point they would need to sign it before regaining the bonus.

Description of Agreements

Getting Started – First Things First

Lolcos – is the 1st agreement that needs to be signed. This will unlock the War Council and is mandatory before anything further can be done.

Trade & Resource

Chalcis – allows you to unlock the Port and trade with others through Galleys. You can also monitor Galleys in transit.

Samos – this unlocks the Harbor, which increases your capacity for Galleys, allowing you more Resources transferred per trade.

Alexandria – this unlocks the Lighthouse, which makes it possible to increase the speed of your Galleys and reduce travel times.

Eleusis – will unlock the Temple of Demeter – one of the most prized structures in Sparta: War of Empires. By upgrading this you can erode the Grain consumed by your warriors.

Hephaestia – will allow you to boost Bronze output by unlocking the Temple of Hephaestus.
Orchomenus – will allow you to boost Timber output by unlocking the Temple of Pan.

Fortifying your City

  • Stymphalos Level #1 – will unlock Level 1 Fortifications
  • Stymphalos Level #2 – will unlock Level 2 Fortifications
  • Stymphalos Level #3 – will unlock Level 3 Fortifications
  • Stymphalos Level #4 – will unlock Level 4 Fortifications
  • Stymphalos Level #5 – will unlock Level 5 Fortifications

Please be advised that Drachmas are required for all Fortification upgrades.

Unit Agreements

You can update all your Unit Agreements to Level 20. Every additional update improves the relevant Unit’s offensive and defensive combat statistics by 2%. Thus, by the time you’ve maxed out your upgrades, your Unit stats will be boosted by 38%. Scout Units, however, are an exception to this rule.

Light Infantry Units

Rhodes – will unlock the Infantry Camp for your Light Infantry Units, including basic offensive capabilities (Swordsmen)

Akanthos – will unlock the ability to train Javelineers, a basic defensive Unit

Ithaca – will unlock the possibility to train the Psilos – a defensive Unit

Athens – will unlock the training of Hoplites, who are both much stronger than Swordsmen and much more costly

Heavy Infantry Units

Maroneia – will unlock the training of defensive Units known as Peltasts. These specialize in defense against other Heavy Infantry and Phalanx Units. Forging an Agreement with Maroneia is also useful in that it unlocks the Barracks for the training of Heavy Infantry.

Farsala – will unlock raiding specialists known as Myrmidons, who are as renowned for their speed.

Crete – will unlock the Cretan Archers, who are experts in defense against Light/Heavy Infantry troops.

Taras – will unlock the Spartan Hoplites, who are stronger in terms of grain consumption than Myrmidons, and just as fast as Hoplites.
Phalanx Units

Argos – will unlock a defensive Unit known as Thureophoros. These warriors are strong against Cavalry and Phalanx. The Armory for the Phalanx units will also be unlocked.

Dion – will unlock the Sarissophoros - an offensive force that moves at Hoplite speed.

Troy – will unlock the Trojan Thorakites - experts at fending off the Cavalry and Phalanx. 
Olympia – will unlock the Spartan Promachos, an immensely powerful offensive Units with Hoplite speed.

Cavalry Units

Delphi – will unlock the Scouts, which are weak in defense and have zero offensive capability. They simply scout enemy positions and report back if successful.

Corinth - will unlock Mounted Peltasts, which bear similarities to the Thureophoros. They are powerful against Cavalry and Phalanx but they are costly per defensive point.

Pella – will unlock the Macedonian Cavalry, which is the fastest Unit in Sparta: War of Empires. This is ideal for hit and run operations. The only warriors stronger are Agema Horsemen, but they lack the speed.

Sparta - will unlock the Agema Horsemen – the game’s strongest Unit. They move just as quickly as Myrmidons. 

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