Accomplishing Achievements in Sparta

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Once certain activities have been completed in Sparta: War of Empires, you will be awarded. Some Achievements are easy to accomplish while others take considerable effort and Resources. Your rewards take the form of Resources, Units or Drachmas. 

You will know that you have received an Achievement when the laurel wreath at the top of your screen is highlighted in green. Perhaps a pop-up will even display your Achievement. It is possible to save the rewards for a later time, and you can do so by simply closing any windows that appear on your screen notifying you of your Achievement. If you wish to claim your award immediately, simply click claim reward. 

The moment you accept your reward, it is credited to you. Any Units awarded will be automatically stationed in your Acropolis, protecting them from harm. Achievements fall into 6 categories, each comprising 3 or 4 Achievements as outlined below:

Construction Achievements

During the process of upgrading or building specific items in your City, you can earn Achievements in the construction sector, notably:

Daedalus - This is an Achievement for constructing military buildings and/or command buildings.
Mentor - This is an Achievement for upgrading military buildings and/or command buildings.
Theseus - This Achievement for building Fortifications is easy to complete, but you will require currency (Drachmas) to build them.
Pygmalion - this Achievement for constructing Decor is also easy to achieve, but you will need currency (Drachmas) to build most Decor items.

Tribute Achievements

Tribute Achievements are awarded to players in Sparta: War of Empires when Heroes are summoned or tributes are collected. The following Tribute Achievements are available:

Chiron - This is a fairly easy Achievement. You need to summon 500 Heroes to achieve the top level. Your fellow Archons can assist you in this endeavor, as Heroes that they create by visiting your City will also count towards the goal.

Periphetes - This Achievement takes time to earn. There are wagon-loads of Resource offerings spawned around every City. Players will need to collect the requisite amount of Bronze from offerings to claim these rewards. The top level for this Achievement requires 10,000 to be collected.

Procrustes - This Achievement takes time to earn. Players need to wait for wagon loads of Timber offerings to materialize outside Cities, usually around the Harbor and the SE Gate. They can collect these tributes from their own City as well as other Archons’ Cities. 10,000 Timber are needed for the top level of this Achievement.

Antheus - This Achievement takes time to earn. Players need to wait for wagon loads of Grain offerings to materialize outside Cities, usually around the Harbor and the SE Gate. They can collect these tributes from their own City as well as other Archons’ Cities. 10,000 Grain must be collected as tribute for the top level of this Achievement.

Military Achievements

Military Achievements are rewards for the production of military Units, and they comprise the following:

Hector - This is an Achievement for Light Infantry Units added to your army’s ranks, and includes both trained Units and those purchased at the Market. The top level of this Achievement requires 10,000 Units.

Achilles - This is an Achievement for Cavalry Units either trained or purchased at the Market. Adding 10,000 Cavalry Units to their army will earn the player the maximum level of this Achievement.

Ajax - This is an Achievement for Heavy Infantry Units trained and/or recruited at the Market. For the top level, you will need 10,000 of these Units added to your ranks.
Phaethon - This is earned by racking up a sufficient amount of trained Units and Market purchases in the Phalanx Class. The number required for the top level of this Achievement is 10,000.

Development Achievements

Development Achievements are awarded for Agreement updates and various player interactions, and they include the following:

Odysseus - This awards you with Macedonian Cavalry and it is a time-consuming and costly Achievement. You will need to upgrade Agreements to progress through the levels of this Achievement.

Jason - This is a fairly easy Achievement to attain, and is contingent upon your forging alliances with other Archons across Hellas. You will need to upgrade the Embassy to allow yourself to make enough Alliances. It doesn’t cost you many Resources, and can be completed within days. You’ll need 6 Allies to reach the top level of this Achievement.

Paris - this is a time-consuming and expensive achievement to attain in the development sector, and depends on having your Trade Offers accepted by other Archons. 1,000 accepted trades will earn you Level 5, and the prize of 25 Drachmas.

Resources Achievements

In Sparta: War of Empires, you can earn Achievements by simply gathering Resources, and they include the following:

Midas - For this Achievement, Timber, Grain and Bronze – multiple resources - all count. Furthermore, it is not contingent upon the source. To attain Level 5 you require 10 million Resources.

Tantalus - This Achievement bears striking similarities to Midas, but it includes only Grain collection. To attain Level 5, 10 million Grain must be collected.

Sisyphus - This is similar to Midas, but only Bronze counts. To attain Level 5, 10 million Bronze must be collected.

Cyparissus – This is similar to Midas but it is strictly for Timber. To attain Level 5, 10 million Timber must be collected.

Warfare Achievements

Warfare Achievements are awarded for PvP accomplishments and include the following:

Orion – These Achievements require Spying Missions to be undertaken, and are easily accomplished. The reward is Scouts. Once you reach Level 5, you will earn 150 Scouts and a Scroll of Wisdom.

Perseus – These Reinforcement Achievements are easily reached. You can send reinforcements to any player (and repeatedly recalling and resending them counts).You can reach Level 5 on day 1, which will earn you 10 Mounted Peltasts .

Prometheus – This Warfare Achievement takes time to achieve and it requires besieged Cities to be Liberated. Cooperation with friends can expedite the process.

Heracles – This is arguably the toughest Achievement of all, though with proper foresight and enough experience, it can be done without spending any Drachmas. You need to place in the Top 10 of the weekly Rankings for Persian Positions, Raids, Tributes, Siege, Offense and/or Defense. You stand to earn Scrolls of Wisdom, Resources and much more.

  • Fighting your way to the top of the Offensive and Defensive Positions usually entails big battles and heavy casualties
  • Persian Positions are complex, and a good understanding of the mechanics will aid you greatly
  • A spot in the Tribute Rankings can be attained without spending currency. Capture and hold higher-level Cities as Protectorates to reap their Resources.
  • Raids are the next easiest Ranking to earn a spot in, but requires you to protect your own Resources as well as taking them from rivals. In this regard, a level 20 Acropolis will prove very beneficial - and remember to continuously spend Resources so you have less than 18,000 of each of the primary three. Be sure to maximize your chances by using all available Raid opportunities every week. Use Scouting to source high-paying Cities. Use your army wisely to seize those Resources and learn how to consistently capture 50,000 Resources (or more!) per Raid by scouring the Wiki for strategic advice. 
  • The easiest Ranking to break into is Sieges. You can carry out more Sieges than other players by training large numbers of Light Infantry Units and sending them out to besiege low-level targets. Many will fall, but enough will succeed to allow you to claim a Top 10 ranking. This whole process must be repeated week-after-week to track where you have sent forces, since Sieges must be new in order to count. 

To guarantee your berth in the Top 10 Ranking, you must be aware of how many Cities were taken in the previous week. As a general rule, to enter the Top 10 Rankings, the number of Cities you lay claim to must be greater than the #10 player’s score (divided by 100) of the prior week. Scouting may prove helpful, but it takes time.

Strategically timing your Sieges to hit within the same hour can also give you an advantage, but this is tricky and cannot always be done. Bringing your warriors home after the Sieges is also tough – but with time, effort and careful planning it can be done!

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