Unique PvP – send recon units into enemies bases to gather information before raiding them for resources. High Quality Voice Acting – narrator named Mr. Black.

    Isometric Graphics – retro, top-down isometric graphics in an apocalyptic scenario.

    Three Types of Units – offensive, defensive, and recon.

    Combines – form alliances with other players to plan massive attacks against your enemies.

  • Geeksnack

    Soldiers Inc. Review – A Good Military Strategy Game To Introduce You To The MMORTS Genre



    • Upgradable Base And Military Companies
    • Form Diplomatic Alliances
    • Strategic Combat

  • Dot MMO Game

    The game seems well-balanced, professional, and it delivers an entertaining story with great humor and voice acting

  • Apps Software reviews

    It stands apart from other Facebook application games because of its great presentation, be it, Jesper Kyd’s music, visuals of the game design including the resource collection and base building.

Do you have what it takes to lead troops to victory?
Come lead yours in Soldiers Inc!