Plarium Interview Series: Soldiers Inc. Master – Pipio LINIO

Soldiers Inc. Master – Pipio LINIO- Interview

DTG: 051800NOV22ZULU

Commander Pipio Linio

Location: Classified Top Secret

Level: 80

John Black: Greetings Commander! Where did you first hear about Soldiers Inc.?

Pipio Linio: Ahem! Right… I found it on my Facebook page.

John Black: Give it to us straight; have you ever been on the other side? Perhaps you’ve gone AWOL here and been caught dabbling in other Plarium games? Don’t sweat it! I’ll make sure that no Intel report is released on you.

Pipio Linio: Mr. Black, I can say with complete confidence that I have never defected to any other games.

John Black: That’s fantastic! We sure as hell need you in that hellhole. In fact the entire Corporation and your Combine needs your expertise. I’ve got another question for you, and one that puzzles me… Your loyalty is admirable – what keeps you coming back for more combat operations?

Pipio Linio: I’ll cut to the chase Mr. Black – combat is what I live for. Soldiers Inc. is precisely what I’m all about, but really I live for my fellow combat veterans from Zandia. We are an indefatigable unit.

John Black: That’s affirmative! Tell me Commander – any particular soldiers, perhaps a Combine?

Pipio Linio: Interesting that you ask that question Sir! I recently transferred to another Combine. You know there is a lot of skulduggery that goes on with the Combines – all the politics and malarkey. Zandia is nothing like the United Nations; I teamed up with the renowned F.P.U.R. I really found my place with these guys – they are real Hunter Brothers. They inspired me with a whole new passion for Combat Operations on the battlefront. When I joined up, I didn’t want to be a farmer; I came here to raise hell – to hit and destroy!

John Black: Copy that Commander! Tell me about your patrol time schedules – your daily routine?

Pipio Linio: Well, let’s just say that I’m out in the sticks conducting patrols between 6 and 12 hours at a time. It’s no laughing matter having to safeguard your base and the security of your men.

John Black: Hooyah Commander! That’s the kind of solid commitment that I’m looking for in my troops… I’m going to move it along now. Tell me about your current Tour of Duty… How long have you been assigned?

Pipio Linio: Sir, it’s only been 2 months in-country to date. In the first month I was conducting patrols between 10 and 12 hours per day.

John Black: That deserves a Commendation Commander! You’re un-freaking-believable!

John Black: Tell me a little bit about your future operations? Are you aiming for a position of Command with a Combine? Spill the beans!

Pipio Linio: In truth, I was. But there’s a different philosophy at F.P.U.R. that basically states: it doesn’t matter who the Chief Executive Officer is – we’re all the top dogs – every single soldier is important!

John Black: I’ll give you props on that one Commander! Let’s talk strategy for a moment: what is your strategic plan?

Pipio Linio: I’ll sum it up for you in just a few words: my strategic plan is to engage and destroy the best Combines out there, in pursuit of total victory. As you know, lots of new Combines are being added to the Front, and they’re packing a lot of heat.

John Black: I applaud you Commander! Who’s the current enemy?

Pipio Linio: Let me put it to you like this Sir: if you’re not an ally you’re an enemy. Enemies must die!

John Black: Great stuff! Let’s move things along and talk logistics: How in blazes did you resolve that rations issue? You’ve got one kick-ass army over there. The Daily Situation Reports indicate huge stockpiles of troops from your Zeng Shi Missions. Can you give us a little more on that?

Pipio Linio: Well Mr. Black, I can say without hesitation that rations are my prime issue. I found a great solution by ramping up my air control to level 20. Every time we conduct missions against the Zeng Shi, my base receives massive volumes of rations which allow us to continue construction. This is good for our military adventurism!

John Black: What are your future plans Commander? Anything you’d like to share with us?

Pipio Linio: Sure – why not! There are 3 potential Courses of Action:

  1. Set up my own dictatorship and control Zandia with an iron fist
  2. Full combat operations against the Combines – Hit & Run style
  3. Capture and Control a large area of operations

John Black: Hooyah! Been an absolute pleasure Commander! Maintain readiness at all times. I expect you are going to be advancing to contact shortly, and I have some rather urgent matters to attend to – let’s leave this intelligence report right there. Over and out!

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Soldiers Inc. Master- Pipio LINIO

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