November Weekly News!


We have been receiving intel reports and feedback from many of you on a regular basis.

Commanders, the Syndicate appreciates this input!

Our experts work around the clock to continuously improve the game. Remember; the best suggestions could be incorporated into the game in the near future!

The Syndicate encourages you to continue to report to us with any new ideas!

This week, we’ve fixed some bugs and made the following important updates:
- In the Sick Bay, you can now see the stats of your troops that can be healed.
- If there's a prerequisite Contract that you haven't yet negotiated for the unit or building you’re trying to create, you will be immediately redirected to that Contract.
- You will get rewards for EACH day you log into the game.
- A new filter has been added to your private messages. You can now filter all messages from players below Level 20. Be aware that this filter is not available for Combine Chief Executive Officers or Operations Officers.
- A new "Associates" filter has been added to the Rankings.

Alright Commanders, that's enough chatter for now. Our intelligence services have detected signs of destructive activity nearby - most likely Zheng Shi. Prepare your troops!


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