Upgrade your Buildings to new Levels!

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Raise your game to all new heights! The Syndicate has just enabled Commanders to receive even greater Bonuses! Simply Upgrade your Buildings to increase your Base’s power and cause your rivals to shake in their boots!

Here are the bonuses you’ll now receive from the following Buildings:

Munitions Factory:

Level 24 – Offense increase (all Units)
Level 25 – Defense increase (all Units)

Oil Derrick:

Level 24 – Defense increase (all Units)
Level 25 – Offense increase (all Units)

Landing Zone:

Levels 24 and 25 – Rations Consumption Reduction

Storage Depot:

Level 25 – Max Storage Depot capacity now 500,000!

Field Kitchen:

Level 25 – Max Field Kitchen capacity now 500,000!


Now you can Upgrade your Radar to Levels 21 and 22!

Level 21 – Increased search range, accelerated Resource gathering at Repositories.

Level 22 – Increased search range and an increase to your Base Defense Bonus

Fuel Silo:

Now you can Upgrade your Fuel Silo to Levels 6 and 7 to increase your Fuel production!

Upgrade now and gain an advantage over your rivals in your fight to rule Zandia!


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