Updated Location Mechanics!




Heads up, Commanders!

The Syndicate has some good news and some bad news. The good news is that you are making an outstanding job of eliminating ZHG Locations in Zandia. The bad news is that because you’re making so much progress, ZHG are in the process of sending more forces to regain some control.

To counter this new wave of reinforcements, the Syndicate has decided to consolidate its position and introduce the following new policy on Locations:

From now on, you are authorized to engage 60 Locations per day: 30 you can attack and 30 you can defend. The list will be updated every day at 00:00 UTC – the amount of Locations added to the list will be the same as the amount you completed the day before, meaning that the number available will never exceed 60 Locations.

Locations you do not complete will remain on the list until you do complete them. For example if you only annihilate 33 ZHG Locations, then only 33 fresh Locations will be loaded at 00:00 UTC, added to the 27 you did not complete. As previously, you will be allowed to level-up Locations as many as 12 times per day. Watch you back, Commander! Each new Level Location will be more challenging than the last!

We are relying on you, Commander: ZHG must be stopped!



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