Hire More Tactical Assault Group Units!



The Syndicate’s very own Syndicate Tactical Assault Group Units are some of the finest pieces of engineering ever to be deployed in the field of battle, but they don’t come cheap. For most Commanders, collecting the Thulium required to hire this special type of Unit has been far out of their reach, but not for much longer:

Effective immediately, the Syndicate has authorized all Commanders Level 40 or higher to capture new Thulium Deposits scattered all over Zandia. Thulium Deposits can be located from your Radar, and function the same as all other Depots.

With enough Thulium, you are able to hire "Viper" CQB Assault Troopers, "Rhino" TAG Defense Troopers, "Vector" Heavy Infantry Troopers and "Cheetah" R-TAG Assault Troopers.

As of now, Commanders no longer need to exchange Fuel and Munitions on the Stock Exchange to get hold of Thulium – you can now put those Resources to better use, such as hiring other Units, upgrading buildings and much more!

Capture Thulium Deposits and begin collecting Thulium immediately!


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