Syndicate Contracts!



You have been selected to participate in a series of Classified Syndicate Contracts in support of our mission in the Zandian Conflict. As your handler, Mr. Black, is currently reassigned to an ongoing operation, you are ordered to report to your regional Syndicate Associate Representative, codename “Echo”.

You are advised to attack and defend regular Locations in order to unlock new Syndicate Contracts in the series. Those Commanders who have progressed through high-level ZHG Locations will find many of these Contracts already unlocked.


By successfully completing these Syndicate Contracts, you will be able to:

- Receive rare Syndicate Units for your army. All Syndicate Contracts are GUARANTEED to pay out Syndicate Units if successfully completed. These advanced models of production line Units have increased speed and a reduced Ration consumption compared to regular variants;

- Unlock new storyline content;

- Earn experience points;

- Acquire free Strategic Units, and much more!


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