The Syndicate has researched new advances in medicine which grant powerful Offensive and Defensive boosts to our Units.
Build a Medical Laboratory in your Base in order to begin using Stimulants, Stimulant Boxes and Injectors. Upgrade the Medical Laboratory to combine Stimulants of a higher Level!
Use them to bring your army to a whole new Level of combat effectiveness!

You can receive Stimulants by:

- Purchasing them at the Black Market within the "Misc." tab;
- Participating in Global Contracts;
- Challenging other Combines;
- Participating in PvP quests;
- Attacking or defending Zheng-Shi Locations;
- Other game interactions.

All Stimulant Boxes acquired will be sent to your Cold Storage within the Medical Laboratory, where you may open them and extract the Stimulants.

To use and store Stimulants, you must first build the Medical Laboratory. All Stimulants gained in the game are stored in the Cold Storage at your Medical Laboratory. To view a Stimulant’s attributes, simply place your cursor over it. To apply any Stimulant and benefit from its bonuses, simply place it into any open Activation Slot on the Activation Board. Use the Centrifuge to open additional Activation Slots in the Medical Laboratory. Stimulants are permanent bonuses, and will not disappear from slots unless you decide to remove them.

Stimulants from Level 5 and higher can only be extracted with Injector. This tool can be purchased from the Black Market. Removing the Stimulants without the help of an Injector will result in the Stimulant being permanently destroyed!

There are two types of Injectors:
- Jet Injectors can safely remove Stimulants Level 5-8
- Nano Injectors can safely remove Crystals Level 5-12

Commanders are reminded that each Injector is only "single-use" and may be used to extract only ONE Stimulant.


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