Taking Heavy Casualties?




Sooner or later, your force will sustain losses – and while you can’t win a war without breaking a few eggs, these guys aren’t conscripts or cannon fodder. They’re highly-paid, highly-trained professionals, and hiring new replacements will take time, resources, and money you don’t have to spend – so patch ‘em up and get them back in the fight!

Through our contacts at Ramstein Secure Logistics, we’ve arranged for combat medevac services to a private Field Hospital. The Field Hospital allows you to recover a certain percentage of all units lost in action within the last 7 days for a fraction of their Diamond cost at the Black Market. Why pay more?

To revive lost units in the Field Hospital, build the Black Market. You can restore your fallen units at the Black Market by clicking the “Field Hospital” tab, or directly from your battle report.

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