Receive Executive Points in Various Game Events!



Your Base and military forces are building, but not fast enough – you need to take advantage of Executive Points if you wish to come out on top in the war against ZHG!

All Commanders know that once they collect enough Executive Points, they may activate Executive Status and take advantage of powerful bonuses! Before, players could only receive Executive Points from logging in each day but, thanks to a bit of bribery, that’s about to change.

From now on, all Commanders can earn Executive Points from many different game events!

You can now earn Executive Points by completing:

- Global Contracts
- PvP Operations
- Capturing Depots
- Battles against ZHG's forces
- Syndicate Contracts, etc.

ATTENTION! The Syndicate has changed the number of Executive Points required to advance through Executive Levels! To reach Level 10, Commanders previously needed 6,400 Executive Points, but as of today that number has changed to 10,000.

Remember: As your total number of Executive Points increases, so will your Executive Level and the power of those accompanying bonuses when your Executive Status is activated. The higher your Executive Level, the greater your rewards!
Play your part in the fight against ZHG and participate in battles to earn Executive Points!


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