Outgunned? Outclassed?




Enjoy the war from your very own Bunker – the only safe place in Zandia!

Your Base's emergency survival Bunker is a reinforced subterranean shelter where you may secure your fighting forces and Resources in the event of an attack. The number of units that can be hidden in the Bunker simultaneously is unlimited - the amount of resources is restricted by the Bunker’s upgrade level.

All units hidden in your Bunker will not participate in any battles involving your Base. All resources secured in your Bunker will be secured from enemy’s raiding forces and will not be raided regardless of the outcome of a battle.

Never leave your offensive units unprotected at your Base. Offensive units will suffer disproportionate casualties if used defensively, are not trained or equipped for defense, and will be about as useful as a concrete parachute. 

Don’t be that guy, Commander. There’s nothing wrong with a tactical retreat – your client isn’t paying you to die heroically…

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