Operation: Screaming Eagle!




Operation Screaming Eagle is a black-ops PvP Mission that tasks you, as a Zandian Commander to the ultimate in tactics and strategy. Conduct your battle-prep and stand your forces to – the time for nice guys has passed.

Your objective is simple: destroy enemy Units, attack enemy Bases, raid Depots and Mining Complexes and defend your own to earn rewards.

The most successful Commanders will receive Experience Points, Units, Drill Instructors and more!

Remember: your reward depends on how many enemy troops you destroy. Attacking and defending Zheng Shi Locations will not count towards the rankings, only those Units destroyed when challenging other players will count. Only Player versus Player (PvP) points will affect your position in the rankings for this quest.

If you see that you haven’t received any PvP points after a battle, it is because either you haven’t managed to kill enough enemy units, or the battle wasn’t fair enough to begin with and you haven’t sustained many losses.

Mount up and move out, your reputation is on the line!

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