Occupy and Annex Enemy Bases!



What’s better than Raiding your rivals for resources?

Rolling over their defenses, setting up shop permanently, and then making them pay you for the privilege! Here’s how you can Occupy and Annex rival Bases in Zandia for fun and profit!

Start by gathering intelligence on a potential target by dispatching some UAVs. If the intel indicates a viable target, select the offensive units for your strike force and deploy them to the Base. If successful, the Base will appear in your list of occupied Bases on the “Garrisons” tab at the Command HQ. Select the type of resource you wish to exploit and the Base will automatically be annexed, and you will begin collecting a portion of their resource production. Don’t forget to regularly collect resources from the “Positions” tab at your Command HQ once they’ve accumulated and are ready for shipment.

In addition to entitling you to a share of resources from the annexed Base, occupying Bases raises your position in the weekly rankings. For each occupied Base, you are given 100 points towards your Occupation Ranking – for each occupied Base you lose, 100 points are deducted from your Occupation Ranking. So, if at the end of the week you’ve lost more Bases than you’ve occupied – your balance will be negative and your actions will not be counted toward the weekly rankings. 

So - get out there, take some names, and start putting the “hostile” back in “hostile takeover”!

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