Now Even Bigger Combines!

Combine News


A new horizon of Combines has arrived!

Contractor Business Cards are special items, given by the best Zandian Contractors, that increase your Combine maximum membership limit.

Upon reaching level 50, Combine Members will automatically begin receiving Contractor Business Cards for every 5th additional level attained. The rate at which Cards are earned will increase over time:

Level 50 – 1 Business Card

Level 55 – 2 Business Cards

Level 60 – 3 Business Cards

Level 65 – 4 Business Cards

Starting from Level 70 – 5 Business Cards. 

To use the feature, go to the Joint Ops Center and open the "My Combine" tab, "Expansion" section. From here you can view how many Contractor Business Cards you and your Combine members currently have available, or apply your Contractor Business Cards towards raising your membership limit. 

Each additional Combine Membership slot requires 20 Contractor Business Cards to be unlocked. 

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