New Feature: Precise & Random Relocators!




Have you lost the tactical advantage? Would you like to move your base of operations closer to Mining Complexes or Associates? If so, then you're in luck!

From now on, you can relocate your Base to a new location on the Map by using Relocators. On the Map, you will see new places called Vacant Lots. These are designated locations to which you can move your Base. When a Base is relocated, it will leave behind a Vacant Lot. Vacant Lots cannot be raided, occupied, reconned, etc.

Relocators are special items that are used to change the location of a Base. There are 2 types of Relocators:

1. A Random Relocator can be used to relocate a Base to a RANDOM Vacant Lot.
2. A Precise Relocator can be used to relocate a Base to a specific Vacant Lot.

After relocating your Base, you will need to wait about 5 minutes before you may use another Relocator.

BE ADVISED: Once you relocate your Base, you CANNOT move it back to its precious coordinates.

These new Items are now available in Special Offer Packages!

Invest in a Relocator today! Expand your horizons and improve your Base’s strategic value!

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