New Feature - Combines!

Combine News



Syndicate intelligence sources indicate a massive buildup of materiel, vehicles, and container ships up and down the coast. We believe ZHG is preparing to make a move.

In light of the evolving situation, the Syndicate’s executive board has decided to allow all contracted commanders to take emergency measures.

You are now cleared to form Joint Operational Combines with any Commanders you deem fit. You are free to choose your leadership, targets, decide on profit sharing, recruit new associates, and take any steps you feel necessary to ensure that ZHG does not succeed.

This is a lot of responsibility, Commander… don’t disappoint us.

Combines Overview

Combines allow players to join forces under a well-organized command structure with one name, insignia, and hierarchy. These Combines may pool their Resources to battle their rivals for positions in the game rankings, coordinate attacks against their common enemy, and train new recruits. Eventually Combines will have to face off against ZHG – but for now focus on developing your operating procedures and practicing against your rivals. You may choose to join an existing Combine, or form a new one of your own.

Forming a Combine

To form a Combine you must pay the Syndicate one-time Diamond fee and have attained at least Level 10. Go to the Join Ops Center, open the "My Combine" tab, and select a unique name for your Combine and create a unique Combine Insignia using the insignia generator. Once you've created a Combine you may form an Academy to recruit Trainees. Click the "Combine Settings", enter the Terms and Conditions of joining your Combine, the number of Trainees your Academy may recruit at any given time, along with any other general information you wish displayed.

After you have created your Combine, you may send other players invitations to join it by using your "Friends" list or by visiting their Base and clicking "Invite to Combine" from the actions menu. You may cancel sent invitations from your Combine's "Invitations" tab.

You will start off with room for 10 Combine Members. As your membership grows, you may expand it by purchasing additional spaces.

Joining a Combine

To join a Combine:

- Accept another player's invitation from the "Partners" tab of your Joint Ops Center – you will get a report each time you receive a new invitation.

- Send a request to a Combine Chief Executive Officer by selecting a Combine and clicking "Join Combine" in the "Combines" tab at your Joint Ops Center.

- If the Combine has reserved spaces to recruit new players in their Combine settings, you may also become a Trainee in that Combine's Academy without sending a Combine Application. To do so go the Joint Ops Center and open the "Join Combine" tab and click "Join Combine".

Field Manual

Seek out more information on Combine Ranks, responsibilities, and other important information in the "Combines" section of your Field Manual.

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