New Feature - Mining Complexes!

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Incoming Syndicate transmission to all contractors…


If you are alive to read this message, then you know that at approximately 03:20 this morning, Zheng Shi forces swept inland from the coast in a massive combined airborne and amphibious operation. They have seized control of all major Zandian Mining Complexes and have dug in behind the old UN base facilities defending them, effectively securing these assets. Within less than 24 hours, they have managed to take control of upwards of 90% of known Zandian rare earth metal lodes. I can only assume you were all… busy, I guess? Help me out here.

As you can imagine, this situation is totally unacceptable to your sponsors and they are demanding immediate results. These Mining Complexes are why you were brought here. The Syndicate client community is - for once – unanimous: under no circumstances is ZHG to hold onto these positions. How the mining rights are divided afterwards will be decided on the battlefield or by your sponsors, but right now that’s a secondary concern. Get those Complexes out of ZHG hands. Failure will result in the possible exercise of the liquidation clause of your contract, in case you forgot what “unacceptable” means in this organization.

If you’re not in a Combine, get in one. Now. This fight isn’t for loners. Your mission is to locate, retake, and hold the Mining Complexes from both your rivals and all ZHG forces. Success will result in increased territorial mineral rights for each Combine and your sponsors, bonuses, and additional combat support capabilities... failure, I believe we’ve covered already.

Expect heavy ZHG resistance in recapturing these objectives. Once your Combine has secured a Mining Complex, prepare your defenses. It will only be a matter of time before Zheng Shi launches a counter-offensive. Refer to the briefing below and your Field Manual for more information.

-Mr. Black


Mining Complexes

Mining Complexes are heavily fortified rare earth mineral extraction and processing compounds capable of supporting large defensive forces and enforcing mining claims over their surrounding territory. These Complexes may only be engaged and controlled by Combines, and may be heavily defended by ZHG forces or rival organizations. Once captured, Mining Complexes must be developed using Resource contributions from all Combine Members. As each Mining Complex is developed, its defensive bonus, controlled territory, and other attributes will increase. Controlling multiple Complexes will directly increase a Combine’s total territorial control. A Combine’s ability to capture, defend, and develop Mining Complexes will now be the sole factor determining your Combine’s ranking and influence in Zandia.

Combine Map

The Combine Map is a new map scale displaying the locations and current ownership of all Mining Complexes in Zandia. To view the Combine Map, go to the game map and select one of the scale buttons in the upper right corner of the screen.

Interacting with Mining Complexes

You may interact with captured Mining Complexes from the Joint Ops Center or from any of the available map scales.

Refer to your Field Manual for full details on Mining Complexes and related new Combine mechanics.

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