Major Feature Update! Combine HQs!

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Combine HQs have hit Zandia!

The fight to rule Zandia has never been easier, but it cannot be accomplished alone.

For your Combine to have a real chance of success, it must have one location from which to rule. To that end, the Syndicate has ordered massive Combine HQs to be constructed!

Combine HQs are special Buildings that bring together the forces of a Combine and strengthen the armies of its Members. You can protect and upgrade your own Combine HQ, or engage enemy HQs by attacking and downgrading them. This will greatly impact their Levels, and limit the bonuses they are able to receive.

Having a central HQ also allows your Combine to develop Technologies, which provide hugely profitable bonuses to all its Members.


Combine HQs have 21 levels (0-20). When first constructed, Combine HQs will be at Level 3, but can be downgraded to zero by rival Combines. The higher the Level of your Combine HQ, the greater the bonuses it is able to provide to your Combine Members.

Each upgrade Level grants you additional Dominance Points and increases the bonuses you are able to receive from your Technologies.


Battle Marks are required to Upgrade Combine HQs. They can be earned by either participating in certain Tournaments, or by purchasing them from the “Info” tab of your Combine HQ.


When you construct your Combine HQ, you also gain access to Combine Technology. The “Technology” section of your Combine HQ contains many Technologies. These provide statistical bonuses to the armies of ALL Members of that Combine.

Technologies are not affected by attacks, and cannot be downgraded. Once upgraded to a certain Level, they will never drop below that Level.

To upgrade a Technology, you must use Tech Chips.

Attention: Defense and Offense Technology Bonuses will not affect Xenomorphs and Predators!


Tech Chips are a special Combine-only Resource that can be earned by participating in Combine Contracts and Tournaments, or by purchasing them with Diamonds when upgrading your Technologies.


Each Combine should work to downgrade other Combines’ HQs. Firstly, downgrading rival Combine HQs deprives them of much sought-after bonuses. Secondly, downgrading other Combines’ HQs is a key requirement for a Combine hoping to upgrade their own HQ.

To downgrade a rival HQ, your Combine must perform a successful attack on it.

If another Combine successfully attacks your HQ while an upgrade is NOT in progress, your HQ will be downgraded by one Level, and 50% of the Battle Marks spent on the upgrade to the lost Level will be returned to your Combine.

If another Combine manages to perform a successful attack on your HQ while it is being upgraded, the upgrade will fail, and your HQ will be downgraded by one Level. Your Combine will be reimbursed 75% of the Battle Marks spent on the attempted upgrade, as well as a further 50% of the Battle Marks spent on the upgrade to the lost Level.

Important: Combine HQs cannot be downgraded more than ONCE per day.



Combine HQs can only be built on special HQ Sites, which can be found on the Map and scattered throughout Zandia.

Each Combine may build only ONE Combine HQ.
Only the Combine CEO is able to initially construct your Combine HQ.

To construct your Combine HQ, go to the Map. From there, click on the large icon in the bottom-left to open the "Locate HQ Sites" window, then click “Find HQ Sites”. The rest is simple: find an HQ Site of your choosing, then click "Place HQ".


HQ Relocators are special items that can be used to change an HQ’s location on the Map. Combine HQ Relocators can be acquired from the Black Market, within the “Special” tab.


Only Combine CEOs – and those Combine Members granted permission to do so – can:

- Spend Battle Marks to upgrade their HQ. Upgrading your HQ takes time, but this process can be sped up with the use of Diamonds.
- Use Combine HQ Relocators to relocate their Combine HQ to a new location of their choosing.
- Use Tech Chips to Upgrade a Combine’s Technology.

Keep this information in mind, Commander. If you need further clarification or information, peruse the “Guide” section in-game.

Important: Only Combines that have been around for more than 7 days are able to create a Combine HQ.

If you are the CEO of your Combine, click on the “Build” button below to construct your Combine HQ immediately! Set your Combine on the path to success and profitability!

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