Halloween Is Coming!


Attention Commanders!

Be advised: Halloween is coming.

Expect reports of bulletproof dogs, humans turning into wolves and ghostly silhouettes interfering with recon operations. They all may, or may not, be false. Should you receive these reports, please contact SYNDICATE personnel administration immediately and send the reporting officer in for IMMEDIATE toxicology screening.

The Syndicate would like to remind all Commanders that although it is not superstitious and does not believe these reports, it has never harmed anyone to honor the Halloween night respectfully.

We hereby authorize all Commanders to decorate their Bases accordingly in order to decrease the chance of angering any of the above-stated beings.

Effective immediately, and for a limited time only, a spooky new Base Layout is available for purchase from the Black Market!

Keep your eyes peeled and your soldiers sharp, Commanders!


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