Global Contract: Payback!



You! Commanders! Are you listening? They are hunting me like dogs! Three, THREE assassination attempts this week – what? What is it Nikolai? No! They blow up summer house in Nice? Bozhe moy… we just finished decorating. Don’t tell Natalia, ok? That makes FOUR! I hold all of you responsible!

You dragged me into this, now you get me out. I need to find whoever is trying to silence me – bring me ZHG officers. I will get answers my way.



This Contract is an open and collective effort. Failure will result in NON-PAYMENT to all participating Syndicate contractors.

Contract compensation will be distributed among all participating Commanders according to the number of ZHG Officers each Commander captures. 

All Zheng Shi Officers will be collected by the Syndicate and held until completion of Contract.

The Contract is optional.

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