Fighter UCAVs Are Cleared For Takeoff! Eliminate Targets Now!





The Syndicate has approved the distribution of unmanned aerial drones to aid Commanders in the fight against Zheng Shi! Your Fighter UCAV will allow you to take out Syndicate targets and develop Enhancement Protocols that will improve your Base and army!

Your new Fighter UCAV will be available as soon as you have built the UCAV Deck. After you have constructed this Building, you will be able to eliminate Targets with your UCAV and take advantage of the Bonuses your new fighter drone will bring.

In order to benefit from UCAV Bonuses, you must develop Enhancement Protocols in the “Protocols” tab at the UCAV Deck. To develop or upgrade Protocols, you will need to accumulate Strike Points, which can be obtained by eliminating Targets in the “Targets” tab.

In the "Fighter UCAV" tab, you can create a selection of Enhancement Protocols that you wish to gain Bonuses from, after which you can activate the selection. However, Bonuses will only be effective as long as the activation period lasts.

There are two types of Enhancement Protocols: Unencrypted Protocols, which can be activated at any time after they are developed, and Encrypted Protocols. Encrypted Protocols will require Access Codes (Alpha Access Codes, Beta Access Codes, and/or Gamma Access Codes) to activate, which are earned through participation in Tournaments and other game events. In the Fighter UCAV Tab, you can see how many Strike Points and Access Codes of each type you currently possess.

Get moving Commander! Keep working with your Fighter UCAV to gain the edge over your rivals!


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