Enlist in a Combine's Academy!

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Be advised of current conditions within the Zandian Front. The Syndicate has authorized all Commanders to join an Academy within a Combine to learn new skills, gain knowledge and experience in order to better fight against mutual enemy. 

Go to your Joint Ops Center, open the “Join Combine” tab and click “Join now”. If you haven’t decided which Combine or Academy to apply for, click “Join random Combine”. Now is the time to choose your side!

All Combine Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) are hereby authorized to create a Combine Academy in which to train potential Recruits. Customize your Combine Settings to automatically accept candidates in your region and language who are looking for a Combine to join. You may allocate associations between regular Combine Members and Trainees in the Academy as you deem fit, and customize its size and recruitment parameters.

Go to your Joint Ops Center, open the “My Combine” tab and click the “Combine Settings”, then enter the required level for joining your Academy, preferred language, and the number of Combine Membership slots you allot as training space for Trainees. 

Trainee is a rank which allows CEOs to train low-level players under the watchful eye of veteran Commanders. The Syndicate has also added another 2 Ranks – Envoy and Agent. These permit no special new abilities, but will allow you to designate Combine Members to conduct diplomacy and intelligence-gathering.


From now on CEOs or the one entrusted with such authority can easily keep track of other Combine members' units. Find out about your fellow Commanders’ units from the Joint Ops Center without filling up Excel tables, spreadsheets or any other forms!

If you are a CEO go to your Joint Ops Center, open the "My Combine" tab and look at the "Statistics" Section. Click the “Combine Settings” icon and select which ranks are entrusted to view Combine Statistics. All authorized Commanders can view Statistics in the following way: 

1. Go to the “Joint Ops Center” and open the “My Combine” tab.

2. Click the “Statistics” section and choose information you want displayed.

There you can choose which type of Units you wish to view - Offense, Defense, or Recon - and see the number of Units your Associates possess, their Total Offense/Defense, how many Units they gained or lost during the previous week, and some additional information! 

Assign new ranks, recruit your Trainees well, analyze Statistics and lead your Combine to glory! 



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